Randel K. Johnson

Former Senior Vice President, Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits

Johnson is the former Senior Vice President, Labor, Immigration, and Employee Benefits.

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Private Retirement Benefits and Social Security Working Together

The true success story is the combination of Social Security and employer-provided retirement benefits.‎

Proposed Overtime Regulation Threatens Nonprofits and State, Local Governments

While much attention on the impact of the proposed changes in the overtime regulations has rightly been on how typical for-profit employers will have to adjust, what has not gotten adequate attention is the impact the new rule will have on nonprofit employers as well as state and local governments.

Myths Behind the White House Worker Voice Summit

and Glenn Spencer  10/6/2015

The White House will host a summit Wednesday dedicated to what it calls “worker voice.” This term could mean many things to different people, but to the administration it means unions. The summit, it seems, will be largely devoted to proclaiming the value of unions and convincing workers that rebuilding the power of organized labor is the key to restoring the middle class, increasing wages, and reversing income inequality. However, the evidence to support this thesis is patchy at best...