In every town across America, small business owners are fighting to keep their workers employed and their companies afloat amid the pandemic. The new Save Small Business Resources Center can help them find the financial support and actionable guidance they need to survive and recover.  

Join us in helping connect small businesses to these resources and funding programs – and encourage everyone you know to do their part by shopping small every day, especially during the holidays. Together, we can save small businesses.  

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  • Small business owners: Find financial assistance programs, actionable guidance, and important resources to help your company survive the pandemic on @USChamber’s new Save Small Business Resources Center #SaveSmallBusiness  
  • Congress has yet to pass additional relief for small businesses – but that doesn’t mean there’s not help available! Discover alternative financial assistance programs on @USChamber’s new Save Small Business Resources Center #SaveSmallBusiness  
  • Did you know: More than half of states have financial assistance programs available to small businesses struggling amid the pandemic. Find out whether there may be available to your #smallbiz on @USChamber’s new Save Small Business Resources Center #SaveSmallBusiness 
  • We all count on the small businesses in our community – and now, they need our help more than ever. This holiday season, let’s all #ShopSmallEveryday! 
  • During this difficult time, we can all help our local businesses stay alive by shopping small every day. Try a new restaurant, shop at a small retailer, and find unique holiday gifts from local artisans and makers. Let’s all #ShopSmallEveryday! 

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