Index Snapshots

Small business health
remained steady in 2017
six-in-ten small business owners
(61%) saying their business’
overall health is good.

Local economies are improving
with nearly half of small business
owners (48%) saying their local
economies are strong, up from
46% in Q3 and 42% in Q2.

Only slightly more than
one-third (38%) of small
business owners are optimistic

about the national economy
compared to 41% in Q3.

Competition is on the rise,
with one-fifth of business
owners (20%) seeing a more
active local economy, up from
15% last quarter.

Small businesses in the South
are the most confident

in the country.

Investment plans are steady
with a quarter of small businesses
(25%) planning to increase
investment in the next year.

More than half of small business
owners (57%) believe next
year’s revenues will increase.

Time spent on licensing and
compliance has remained
since Q2.

More small business owners
(27%) will be looking to hire

in the upcoming year
compared to Q3 (24%).

Over half of retailers (55%)
report that the holiday season
is very important for their
overall profit
for the year,
compared to just 31% of all
small businesses.

One-quarter of small businesses
report having no plan in place
for any type of catastrophic

About one-in-four small
businesses are
not active on the internet.