Index Snapshots

The MetLife & U.S. Chamber of
Commerce Small Business Index
rose to 66.3, the fourth
consecutive quarterly rise.

Two-to-one small business
owners (47% vs. 23%) see
tax reform as beneficial
to their business.

Manufacturers (65%) and larger
small businesses (64%) are the
most enthusiastic

about tax reform.

79% of small businesses are
comfortable with their
cash flow.

Small businesses expect
higher earnings
in 2018,
with 61% expecting
increased revenue.

Nine out of ten
small businesses are
anticipating a good year.

More small businesses expect
to save profits
rather than invest them (39%).

More than half (55%) of small
business owners see the U.S.
economy in good health,

up from 38% in Q4.

Northeastern small businesses
have the bleakest view of their
local economy,
with just over
one-third (37%) reporting good

Women-owned small
businesses are less
comfortable with their
cash flow
compared to men-owned
businesses (83%).

One-third of small
businesses (33%) report
having no rainy day fund
for emergency events.

Businesses in the South are
the most optimistic
(67%) for
the second quarter in a row.