Regional Scores

Regional Scores

National index score: 66.3


Southern small business owners were the most optimistic for the second quarter in a row, with 67% rating their overall health as good compared to an average of 62% nationally.

Businesses in the South are more likely to be positive on the overall health of the country (62%), their local economy (52%), and are looking to hire (38%) more any other region.

Small businesses in the South are looking to invest at a greater rate (35%) than the national average.


Half of all small businesses (50%) in the Midwest anticipate revenue growth, the weakest of all regions.

Small businesses in the Midwest reported the weakest health, overall, with only 56% rating their company in good health.


Small business owners in the Northeast continue to have the bleakest view of their local economy compared to any other region, with just a third (37%) reporting that their local economy is in good health.


Businesses in the West anticipate the strongest rise in profits this year, with 68% of companies anticipating increased sales. That compares to an average of 61% across all regions.