Index Snapshots

The MetLife & U.S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Index rose to 68.7, the fifth consecutive quarterly rise.

On average, small business owners spend more than 14 hours a day working

Companies that feel ahead of the technological curve are more likely to feel better about their business, cash flow, and are planning to hire at a higher rate.

1/4 of small businesses feel ahead of the technology curve.

The majority of female and male-owned small businesses report being in good health.

47% of small businesses are optimistic about the health of the U.S. economy, down 8 percentage points from Q1, but still the second highest rating in the history of the survey.

The number of small businesses rating their local economic health as good increased to 48%, the strongest mark in the history of this Index.

A majority of small business owners expect higher, though tempered earnings.

The manufacturing sector is the most confident in the health of their business (66%).

The retail sector continues to be the least confident in the health of their business (53%).

Small business owners in the West are now the most confident in their local economy (55%), up four points from Q1.

Confidence in the local economy among those in the South has dropped 10 points from last quarter to 42%.