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May 21, 2020 - 9:00am

Unemployment Claims Amid Coronavirus: A State-by-State Analysis

Americans filed more than 2.4 million unemployment claims last week, the Labor Department reported Thursday, driving total jobless claims over the past 9 weeks to more than 38 million amid the coronavirus pandemic and corresponding economic fallout.

No state has been spared. All 50 states state have seen at least about 10 percent of their workforce file unemployment claims since the start of March (note: DOL reporting on state unemployment data lags one week behind the national data). In more than half of states, more than one in five workers have now filed a claim.

Nine states have now eclipsed 30 percent, and Georgia is the first state to see 40 percent of its workforce file jobless claims.

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Use the interactive map below to see just how quickly unemployment claims have risen in each state over the past 9 weeks. Again, please note that state data lags national data by one week, so the so the 2.4 million claims reported on May 21 are not yet included in these state numbers.

The interactive map will not load properly in this browser. Please visit this page with a modern browser. You can also download the data.

We will update this map every Thursday with the latest data from the Department of Labor.

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