Nov 10, 2015 - 5:00am

Dear 45 Briefing Room: A Heads Up on Health Care, Immigration and More

Executive Director, Strategic Communications


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In kicking off our letter-writing series to the 45th President of the United States, we’re publishing a collection of primers on some of the most important issues that will face our country’s next chief executive. For additional briefings, check out the #Dear45 Homepage.

One of the factors determining the success of any administration is its ability to work constructively with Congress. In order to break through the pervasive gridlock in Washington, our next president must be willing to work with (not around) the legislative branch. Only then can we start to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our country.

One of those challenges will be mending our broken health care system by fixing some of the problems with the Affordable Care Act. Last month, Congress and President Obama took a step in the right direction by approving one small but important change to the law that will prevent some cost increases for small businesses, and we’re optimistic that we’ll see more smart changes made to the law in the coming year. However, the need to continue improving our health care system isn’t going away, and we hope the next president is ready to help make that system more workable and more affordable for American businesses.

Cadillac Tax on Collision Course for One in Four Companies

Part-Time Workers Struggle Under Obamacare

IHOP Owner Gets Pancaked by Obamacare

Similarly, our nation’s attempt at financial reform have missed the target and bludgeoned small businesses. The 2010 Dodd-Frank law, for example, was meant to mend our financial system and strengthen our economy. Instead, the law has driven hundreds of community banks out of business, giving small businesses less options and higher costs when raising capital or seeking commercial loans and lines of credit.  It’s another area where lawmakers and the president must come together to enact pro-growth financial regulatory reforms.


Dodd-Frank’s First Five Years, in Five Charts

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Dodd-Frank Socks Main Street with Devastating One-Two Punch

Here’s another issue the candidates are already talking a lot about out on the campaign trail: immigration reform. While there have been many ideas thrown around to help patch up our borders and fix our immigration problems, our next president must understand that the only effective, long-term solution is comprehensive immigration reform - and that means working with Congress, not attempting to push through changes via executive actions.

The Business Case for Immigration Reform

Immigration and the Economy: Look at the Facts – Not the Fiction

Startups Need Smarter Immigration, IP and Regulatory Policy in Washington

Don’t mistake this for a comprehensive list; rather, these are merely a few of the many important issues where the next administration will need to work with leaders on the Hill to keep our country moving forward. We’ll look forward to hearing the candidates’ take on these and other critical legislative issues out on the campaign trail.

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About the Author

About the Author

J.D. Harrison
Executive Director, Strategic Communications

J.D. Harrison is the Executive Director for Strategic Communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.