Dear 45 Briefing Room: A Rundown of Washington’s Runaway Regulations

Nov 10, 2015 - 5:00am

Executive Director, Strategic Communications

In kicking off our letter-writing series to the 45th President of the United States, we’re publishing a collection of primers on some of the most important issues that will face our country’s next chief executive. For additional briefings, check out the #Dear45 Homepage.

One of the most pressing problems facing the country’s business community is overregulation. Across virtually every industry, our nation’s job creators say they are drowning in a never-ending stream of red tape, and they will look to their next president to stem the tide.

Nearly every agency has been guilty of adding to our increasingly onerous regulatory maze, but we want to begin by making sure our next president is aware of some of the most frequent offenders. That conversation starts with the long arm and heavy hand of the Environmental Protection Agency. Our nation’s businesses have been bruised repeatedly by rules concerning everything from power plants to ozone emissions to federally controlled waters.

A Cattle Rancher, Trampled by EPA's Regulatory Stampede

Five Things You Should Know About EPA’s Ozone Standard

If You Thought Your Electric Bills Were Higher, You're Right

It’s not only the EPA, though. The Department of Labor has been busy with its red tape dispenser, too, doling out onerous new regulations that are stunting the growth of small businesses across the country. Meanwhile, the National Labor Relations Board isn’t making anything easier, either.


Department of Labor Aims, Fires ... Hits Small Businesses

Small Business Under Siege: Congress Rips Overtime and Joint Employer Rules

The Fiduciary Rule’s Seven Deadly Sins

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Securities and Exchange Commission earn spots on the list, as well. Both agencies have made it much harder for businesses and everyday consumer to navigate the financial waters. Both will need the reins pulled back under the next administration.

Small Businesses’ Concerns Fall On Regulators’ Deaf Ears

SEC’s New Pay-Ratio Rule in LeBron Terms: Hoops and Some Harm

How the CFPB Limits Consumers' Financial Options

Clearly, it’s not one or two departments that are strangling businesses with red tape; it’s essentially all of Washington. Collectively, the federal government and its legion of regulators have threatened countless American businesses, slowed our economic growth, and chipped away at the very notion that the United States is the “land of the free.”

Home of the Brave, Land of the Regulated

We Need a Magna Carta for the Regulatory State

Regulatory Overreach Requires Systemic Reform

Unfortunately, this is merely a sampling of the many costly rules that have come out of Washington in recent years, but we hope it provides a sense of the importance of regulatory reform under our 45th president. Because America’s entrepreneurs want to start new businesses, and our country’s existing companies want to expand, create more jobs and grow the economy. In order to succeed, they need the next president to pump the brakes on this runaway regulatory regime.

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About the Author

About the Author

J.D. Harrison
Executive Director, Strategic Communications

J.D. Harrison is the Executive Director for Strategic Communications at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.