Shelton Mercer, III

CEO, TwitCHANGE & Partner & Chief Strategy Officer, Benjamin's Desk

Fortune 100-bred serial entrepreneur, speaker and philanthropist Shelton Mercer is
CEO of Mashable Award winner and celebrity-driven, social enterprise TwitCHANGE
and a partner at Benjamin's Desk, where he oversees innovation ecosystems that
cultivate collaboration between entrepreneurs, corporations, universities and
government. He is also cofounder of big data + entertainment startup AuDigent.

During his previous work with enterprise tech giant Lucent Technologies and The
Mercer Advisory Group, Shelton built and led teams that delivered solutions for dozens
of global market leaders, including Disney, NBC, Warner Bros, GE, KPMG and
Johnson & Johnson.

A deep passion for people and the planet has fueled Shelton to mobilize thousands to
donate, volunteer and advocate, lead multiple service missions to crisis points and
developing nations, connect corporations, brands and governments with social impact
initiatives and held significant NGO executive and board posts.

Shelton is a frequent speaker and media contributor. He has received numerous
honors, including, Top 50 Social Good Leaders You Must Follow on Social Media by
The Huffington Post, Hero and Humanitarian Award award from the Pennsylvania
Senate and Champion for Haiti from the Haitian Professionals of America.