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We are at a pivotial moment in our nation's fight against the pandemic, with coronavirus cases surging in states across the country. To keep local businesses and local economies openand to keep our communities healthy and strongwe must all do our part to slow the spread of the virus.

We know the preventative measures that work. But if we don’t take action, communities across America risk another round of shutdowns, broad restrictions on local businesses, and irreparable economic harm. 

Join us in encouraging all Americans to help slow the spread and keep America open.  



Sample Social Posts 

  • We all have a role to play to stop the spread and keep our local economy open. Mask up, wash your hands, and keep your distance #SlowTheSpread #KeepAmericaOpen 
  • To keep our local businesses and our local economy open, we have to #SlowTheSpread. And we know what works: Mask up, wash your hands, and keep your distance #KeepAmericaOpen 
  • If we don’t do our part to #SlowTheSpread, our local communiy risks another round of shutdowns and our local businesses may not survive the winter. Do your part to #KeepAmericaOpen 
  • We don’t need a crystal ball: We know what happened before, and we can see what’s happening in Europe. Every American must take simple but immediate actions to #SlowTheSpread and #KeepAmericaOpen 
  • It’s more important than ever to get a #FluShot this year. Help keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and ease the burden on our already strained hospital system #SlowTheSpread #KeepAmericaOpen 


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