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ArticleFeb 05, 2018 - 1:15pm

How Walmart Is Combating Human Trafficking

Walmart believes that all people deserve safe, healthy, working conditions and is fighting human trafficking.

ArticleJan 23, 2018 - 10:30am
Here's 5 Ways Businesses Can Stop Human Trafficking

5 Ways Businesses Can Help End Human Trafficking For Good

January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, and in an effort to shed light on this horrific epidemic, the U.S. Chamber Task Force to Eradicate Human Trafficking stands ready to work with policymakers, government, and members of civil society to eliminate the scourge of human trafficking.

ReportDec 05, 2017 - 11:45am
Eliminating Human Trafficking

Eliminating Human Trafficking - A Case for Corporate Self-Regulation

This white paper represents the Chamber’s initial step toward a broader solution to labor trafficking and provides insight into how we hope to achieve a common objective. No business desires to be associated with human trafficking in any manner, and every responsible firm seeks to eliminate the problem from its own operations and, to the extent practicable, from appropriate suppliers and business partners. Every business faces its own distinct challenges to address human trafficking based on the size, complexity, and geographic footprint of its operations.