Trade Works. Tariffs Don't.

Tariffs threaten to derail our nation’s recent economic resurgence.

American businesses and consumers are bearing the brunt of the global trade war.

By now, it’s plain to see that tariffs are inflicting harm on the American economy and will continue to do so unless the administration changes course.

The U.S. needs free and fair trade, but imposing tariffs to get there is the wrong approach.

Use the map below to learn about the states and businesses being harmed by the ongoing trade war.

Tariff Map

What's happened?

Why does this matter?

jobs are supported by global trade. Hear from the farmers, manufactures, tech companies, and others that are already feeling the impact.

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Tariffs on steel, aluminum, and Chinese imports, as well as the potential for additional tariffs on autos and auto parts, have pushed us into a global trade war. China and the EU have retaliated—or announced plans to retaliate—with billions of dollars in tariffs on American-made products.

Millions of U.S. jobs depend on America’s ability to trade with other countries. Half of all U.S. manufacturing jobs depend on exports, and one in three acres of American farmland is planted for international sales. But recent and proposed trade actions by the Trump administration threaten as many as 2.6 million American jobs and will stymie our economic progress. 

Tariffs on imported goods are hitting American consumers and businesses—including manufacturers, farmers, ranchers, and technology companies—with higher costs on commonly used products and materials.

Simply put, tariffs are a tax on American consumers and businesses. Tariffs are the wrong approach to address unfair trade practices.

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World Trade Organization flag flying in Switzerland.

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A World Trade Organization (WTO) arbitrator on October 2 issued its decision in the nearly 15-year-old dispute against the EU dryly titled “Measures Affecting Trade in Large Civil Aircraft.” The arbitrator authorized the United States to impose “countermeasures”—that is, tariffs—on about $7.5 billion of imports from the European Union in response to EU government support for Airbus.

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Premise Martin’s company traces back to the moment she destroyed a new pedicure before hopping on a plane home to visit family in South Carolina. After spending $80 at the nail salon, only to ruin her pedicure with the paper-thin sandals in airport security, Martin started brainstorming a solution.

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U.S. Chamber’s Brilliant Leads CEOs to China for High-Level Economic Dialogue

BEIJING, CHINA — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) today kicked-off a high-level dialogue to discuss leading economic and commercial policy issues in U.S.-China relations, including trade, two-way investment, energy, healthcare, and innovation policy.

SpeechSep 10, 2019 - 5:15am

Myron Brilliant Remarks at U.S.-China Economic Dialogue in Beijing

U.S.-China Economic Dialogue 

Remarks by
Myron Brilliant
Beijing, China
September 10, 2019

As prepared for delivery

Good afternoon. We are meeting at an important time, this being the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China and the 40th anniversary of normalization of U.S.-China relations.