Tasha Zuzalek

Policy Program Manager, Small Business, Facebook
Tasha is Facebook's Policy Programs Manager for Small Business, based in Washington D.C.  After supporting Facebook’s Privacy team for two years, she stepped in to lead Facebook’s Small Business Boost program in North America.  Since then, the Boost program has hosted over 35 events throughout US and Canada, educating thousands of small businesses on how to better connect with Facebook’s community to drive sales, find new customers and ultimately grow the economy and create jobs.  Through the Program’s partnerships with business owners, policy makers, community leaders, and local business partners, Tasha’s team has touched nearly 20,000 businesses, over 50 local and federal policy makers, and over 300 local business organizations.
Tasha is from a long line of small business owners, who exposed her to the successes and challenges of running a small business. These experiences instilled in her such attributes as work ethic and creativity – which she credits many of her achievements to today.
Tasha, who was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA, also received her BA in Philosophy with an emphasis on Ethics & Public Policy from the University of California, Santa Barbara.