August 09, 2022


It seems the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board is searching for someone to blame for the Schumer-Manchin deal. Last week their thesis was that Senate Republicans had been “played.”

Now they are rehashing old news about the U.S. Chamber from 2020 while overlooking more recent significant achievements on behalf of the American families and communities that business supports, including the passage of several top legislative priorities and the elimination of harmful taxes and regulation.

Fortunately, our members have a long memory about our strategy and our successes, as evidenced by the outpouring of support we received from this note by our Board leadership to our full board on August 8.


We wanted to alert you to a Wall Street Journal editorial that was posted this evening and slated to run tomorrow regarding the Chamber and its 2020 political endorsements.

Had the Editorial Board at the Wall Street Journal reached out to the Chamber, the Chamber would have helpfully reminded them how they endorsed 193 Republican House candidates in the last cycle (unmentioned in the editorial) and 30 Democratic candidates (for unknown reasons, they only focused on the 23 freshmen). Members earned the endorsement because they worked with the Chamber to, among other things, secure passage of USMCA, President Trump’s top legislative priority in the last Congress. It is worth repeating that Democrats and Republicans were judged on the same scorecard and it produced the resulting endorsements.

Had the Journal called, they also would have been reminded of how, in this Congress, the Chamber engaged with Republicans and Democrats to enact a historic infrastructure bill without a tax increase, and how they worked to ensure that Democrats in Congress rejected President Biden’s proposal to raise the corporate and personal tax rates, tax capital gains at personal income rates, impose a global minimum tax, and impose a tax increase on pass-through businesses.

The Chamber takes a back seat to no one in their opposition to the pending reconciliation bill and its remaining tax increases. We know that many in Washington, and apparently the Journal Editorial Board, think that everyone should work for a political party, but the Chamber works on behalf of the American business community and its members and will keep fighting to deliver results for them.

Mark Ordan
Chair of the Board

Brackett Denniston
Vice Chair of the Board

Christopher Lofgren
Immediate Past Chair of the Board