Thaddeus Swanek

Senior Writer and Editor, Strategic Communications

Thaddeus is a senior writer and editor with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's strategic communications team.

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The Path Forward: Ask Me Anything on Vaccines and Contact Tracing

This week’s Path Forward event featured Ask Me Anything sessions with public health experts on vaccines and contact tracing.

How Backstage Capital is Helping Under-Represented Founders Access Venture Capital   

A lack of funding for minority, women, and LGBTQ founders is a missed opportunity job seekers, communities, and the overall economy.

The Path Forward: Coronavirus Surge in India and School Reopening Successes in the US

This event focused on the American business community’s response to the devastating surge of coronavirus in India and school reopenings.

At GIPC’s Innovation Ecosystem Event, Innovators and Creators Share Importance of Intellectual Property

The GIPC's Innovation Ecosystems Event Keynote Session – “The Common Thread" focused on how innovation ecosystems foster innovation.

D.C. Hummus Restaurant Pairs Sustainable Ingredients with Revamped Business Model for Pandemic Success

Little Sesame pulled through the pandemic thanks to fast changes to its operations, and prioritizing sustainability and community service.

New Report Reveals Improving Intellectual Property Protections Worldwide

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce released its ninth annual Intellectual Property (IP) Index, revealing IP protection improved worldwide.