CNN: Democrats hold $30 million ad advantage in battle for Senate control

Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - 2:45pm

Democrats in crucial Senate races across the country are swamping the airwaves with ads in the furious battle for control of the chamber, far outpacing Republican spending as their party grows more bullish about their prospects for retaking the majority.

In battleground states nationwide, Democratic candidates and outside groups have been inundating the air with ads, promoting their records, seeking to distinguish themselves during their own competitive primaries and bashing the GOP senators whose seats they seek to occupy.

In 12 races that will determine the next Senate majority, Democrats have spent roughly $30 million more on the airwaves than their Republican counterparts, according to a CNN review of data from Kantar's Campaign Media Analysis. In total, Democrats -- including campaigns and outside groups -- have spent $109 million on television, radio and digital advertisements, compared with $79 million for Republicans since the beginning of the election cycle last year, the records show.


"These Dem challenger numbers are staggering," Scott Reed, the senior political strategist at the US Chamber of Commerce, emailed CNN. "Folks better get ready to watch Schumer roll back all of the regulatory, tax and judicial progress of the last 3 years if he becomes the Senate Leader. The entire business community and America's job creators will all be on the Schumer menu next year," he added.

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