NEW YORK TIMES: A Republican Panic Button

Monday, July 27, 2020 - 4:30pm

Are Republicans pressing the panic button?

Last week, President Trump revived his coronavirus briefings and canceled the Republican National Convention, a tacit acknowledgment of the reality of a virus wreaking havoc on the country — and on his political standing.

In Congress, Senate Republicans rejected several of Mr. Trump’s demands for the next pandemic recovery package. Across the country, Republican governors are contradicting the president’s push to reopen. Top party donors are privately discussing whether to redirect funds away from Mr. Trump and toward their imperiled Senate candidates.


“There’s a long way to go. Trump’s numbers are obviously down, but they are going to come back,” said Scott Reed, the chief strategist for the United States Chamber of Commerce and a longtime G.O.P. strategist. “This will be a tight race at the end of the day.”

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