Thank goodness the ‘gig worker’ bill was put on hold, freelancer says

Thursday, January 9, 2020 - 12:00pm

It would be nice if Charles Wowkanech, president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, understood that being Fred Flintstone is not a goal.

In recent days, Wowkanech penned an op-ed in support of N.J. Senate bill 4204, which he says will crack down on worker abuse by companies that misclassify workers as independent contractors, cheating them out of benefits when they really should be employees. According to Wowkanech, the legislation will have a “profound positive impact on workers’ lives here in New Jersey.”

Tonight, Senate President Steve Sweeney announced that S4204 has been pulled off the agenda for the current lame-duck session, but he’s promising to bring it back in the next session — making it important for everyone in New Jersey to understand what the legislation actually is, and that it’s not at all what Wowkanech says.