Tim Walsh

Partner, Sixth Engine and Town Hall

Tim Walsh is an innovator, creator and entrepreneur. With a passion that developed when he was a young child, small business success has always been at the forefront of his career. Starting his first business when he was just 8, Walsh understood the nuances of viral capabilities by using humor, word of mouth, and grassroots efforts. His first career entailed finding and washing dirty golf balls he found on the public golf courses and his humor was a large, handwritten sign that read, “My Balls are Clean,” but for an 8-year-old, having a line of people buying his golf balls and walking away with handfuls of cash was pretty great.

One of the things Tim Walsh is known for is winning reality TV show Joe Schmoe 2. He filled households with laughter as he performed ridiculous tasks and drank a lot of beer to win a date. But more impressive than his charismatic personality, and his ability to make people laugh, is his creative passion and keen insight into business. He took his $100k winnings and turned it into an annual multi-million dollar revenue stream.

Opening Town Hall in 2005, Tim became an expert not only in the restaurant business but also in marketing. With an emphasis on keeping overhead down, but getting the word out about Town Hall, Tim relied upon social and viral tactics. He used his incredible talents of making people laugh and providing satirical humor to produce the Town Hall News network, a video series that poked fun at bars, events and restaurant nuances. He supplied guests with tweets and posts that followers couldn’t help but laugh at, enjoy and of course share.

In 2009 Tim’s partnership expanded their vision and opened Sixth Engine, in the burgeoning neighborhood of Mt. Vernon Triangle. Of course there was some allure to refurbishing the oldest firehouse in DC, but that would not be enough of a story to create buzz in order to develop relationships with the 2000 people that lived within the 4 square blocks of the new restaurant. Using social media was the most important tool to help create the identity of this new neighborhood, so it could stand alone in this ever evolving city.

Even before social media truly existed Walsh had clear insight into what makes content valuable, repeatable and engaging. He understands how to craft a message that creates interaction. Town Hall and Sixth Engine have truly become the places where people gather, enjoy a cold beer, and come to visit their neighbors; the “Cheers” of both Glover Park and Mt. Vernon Triangle. His social media following extends to that community digitally. When his guests are not at the bar to enjoy one of Tim’s stories as they dive into an incredible burger, they can pop onto Facebook and watch his hilarious videos, or peak at Instagram or Twitter for a few characters to provide a break from their busy day.