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ArticleOct 17, 2017 - 10:15am
Pro-union signs lay in the street before the start of a "Fight for $15" rally in New York.

Architect of Fight for $15 Campaign Suspended

As readers of this blog are well aware, the Fight for $15 campaign has created quite a few headlines over the past five years...

ArticleOct 06, 2017 - 4:00pm
U.S. Capitol Dome

House Committee Approves Joint Employer Bill

On October 4, the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce approved a bill that would reverse...

ArticleOct 05, 2017 - 2:45pm
United States Supreme Court

Supreme Court Hears Arbitration Case

The United States Supreme Court on October 2 heard oral arguments in a trio of closely-watched cases...

ArticleOct 04, 2017 - 10:15am
New York City

New York’s “Fair Workweek”

As observers of labor policy know, the federal government under the Obama administration was unabashedly aligned with labor unions and...

ArticleOct 03, 2017 - 5:15pm
United Auto Workers logo

UAW Case Highlights the Need for Transparency

The United Auto Workers (UAW) has been in the spotlight recently following its stunning defeat in a representation election...

ArticleSep 28, 2017 - 9:49am

Survey: Florida’s Lawsuit Climate Again Ranks Among Nation’s Worst

Florida is ranked #46 in the 2017 Lawsuit Climate Survey: Ranking the States survey, falling two spots from its already low 2015 ranking. Florida scores poorly in all of the key element categories, but particularly with regard to the competence and impartiality of trial judges—where it ranked 48th.

ArticleSep 28, 2017 - 9:22am

Missouri’s Leaders Work to Improve Lawsuit Climate as New Survey Shows State’s Ranking has Slipped

Missouri’s lawsuit climate fell to 49th out of 50 in a new national survey released today by the U.S.

ArticleSep 25, 2017 - 7:15pm

Senate Confirms Emanuel to NLRB

Nearly three months after receiving his nomination, the United States Senate on September 25 confirmed William Emanuel...

ArticleSep 25, 2017 - 11:45am

Tax Myth Busting: Expensing and Interest

In this article, Foster explains that getting expensing right is a key part of improving neutrality regarding business investment.

ArticleSep 20, 2017 - 5:00pm
Welcome Dayton: Immigrant Friendly City

Dayton, Ohio Becomes the First 'Certified Welcoming' City in the U.S.

The Midwest city is capitalizing on the power of immigrants to energize their neighborhoods, economy, and culture.