Trade Works Toolkit

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International trade supports millions of American jobs, creates new opportunities for businesses, farmers and manufacturers, and it benefits every American consumer and family. More broadly, it fuels economic growth and helps the United States stay ahead of its global competitors.

Join us in casting a spotlight on the benefits of trade to businesses, workers, and our economy.  


Contact: Sarah Keller

Key messaging and example posts

  • Trade supports nearly 39 million American jobs and creates new opportunities for American businesses, manufacturers, and farmers #TradeWorks 
  • International trade is a big win for small businesses, as 98% of American exporters are small and medium-sized businesses #TradeWorks  
  • With 95 percent of the world’s consumers outside the United States, trading beyond our borders is critical to driving U.S. wage growth and economic growth #TradeWorks
  • U.S. imports lower prices and give Americans greater purchasing power #TradeWorks
  • Opening more markets for American-made goods and services creates more jobs for American workers and more customers for American businesses #TradeWorks

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