Dec 10, 2015 - 4:45pm

Tomorrow's Superheroes

All American kids can be superheroes and high-quality education empowers their success. But lately our schools haven't been super. We used to be ranked number one in education, but now we've fallen behind. We're at the bottom of the pack in literacy, science, and math.

And what's worse, the progress we've made has slowed. To compete in the complex global economy, we need students to be prepared. In the next decade, sixty-three percent of jobs will require a college degree, but with our current graduation rates we won't be able to fill the jobs of the future to meet these challenges.

All students must have the support they need, especially those who have been underserved. There are more than half a million black fourth graders in the United States, but over 80% are not doing math or reading at grade level. 30% of black high school students do not graduate and dropout rates are highest in the nation for Latino high schoolers.

But the future can be brighter. If we give our kids equal opportunity to excel, they will be healthier, have sharper minds, be more likely to vote, have access to higher paying jobs. And by closing the gap between white students and their black and Latino peers, we could increase our annual GDP by 525 billion dollars.

Let's empower students with the skills they need to succeed, ensuring the brightest future for all children. Demand high standards. Require accountability. So that every kid in America has the chance to soar.

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