William Kovacs

Former Senior Vice President, Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs

Kovacs is the former Senior Vice President for the Environment, Technology & Regulatory Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


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Why Senators Portman’s and Heitkamp’s Regulatory Accountability Act Will Make History

Congressional control of executive branch agencies has been achieved only one other time in our nation's history.

Administrator Pruitt to Stop Sue and Settle: But A Lot of Damage Has Been Done

While EPA's change of policy on sue and settle agreements is welcomed news, much damage has already been done to American businesses.

The State of American Business: Fixing Our Broken Regulatory Process

Congress needs to re-examine how the most complex and high-cost regulations are written.

Speaker’s Reports Look to Restore Constitutional Order to the Regulatory Process

They are a must-read, injecting some much-needed commonsense into the discussion of how the government should operate.

Explainer: The New Regulatory State and How Laws Are Really Made

Agencies (not Congress) can relatively easily issue regulations that are, in effect, the laws of the United States.

WOTUS Update: If It’s a Holiday, It Must Be a Regulatory Surprise!

In typical Washington style, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is expected to release its final rule on Waters of the U.S. (WOTUS) definition on the Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend.

Truth in Regulating: We Need to Know What We Are Actually Paying for in Federal Rules

The current federal regulatory system is already complicated enough.

Administration's Privacy Legislation Would Cost Americans Jobs

American workers' use of data on the job from 2003 to 2013 and shows conclusively that more and more jobs are centered on data and its uses, the administration should be even more cautious making drastic changes in U.S. privacy law.

The FCC's Decision to Regulate the Internet as a Utility Is an Exercise in Legislating Without Congress

The public got its first chance Wednesday to look at the massive new net neutrality decision passed by the Federal Communications Commission in February.

Administration's Privacy Legislation: a Bad Fix to a Problem That Doesn't Exist

The Obama administration recently released a discussion draft on the Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights. While in theory the legislation is designed to benefit consumers, a closer look at the bill raises serious concerns about its potential unintended consequences and real-world impact.

Federal Court Allows Case Challenging EPA

The court’s decision to allow a challenge on the EPA's (lack of) employment impacts to continue is a critical next step in forcing the agency to own up to the real impacts its regulations have on industries like coal, power generation, brickmakers, foundries, forest products manufacturers, and many others.

These 9 Charts Put Federal Regulations in a Different Light

To truly understand how the regulatory system has gone off the rails, one must understand that a critical handful of rules are vastly more important than all of the others.

EPA Permit Hide and Seek Casts Uncertainty on Development

Businesses drive our economy. To make the investments that turn into growth and jobs, businesses need greater certainty in the permitting process. Yet EPA’s recent regulatory actions have specifically created a lack of certainty in the permitting process.

A Plan to Get Back in the Business of Building Things

Now that the President is firmly positioned on the side of streamlining the federal permitting process, it is time for the Senate to pass the bipartisan Federal Permitting Improvement Act. This bill would put much of the President’s Memorandum into law, and apply it to all major federal projects.

GAO: Federal Agencies Do Little to Track Progress or Costs of Environmental Reviews

If this nation is to create more jobs, it has to begin building again. For this to occur, permit streamlining is a must, and these findings confirm the lack of management and delays in the current environmental review process.

House Votes to Increase Accountability, Transparency, and Fairness in Regulation

The Achieving Less Excess in Regulation and Requiring Transparency (ALERRT) Act is critical to increasing accountability, transparency, and fairness.

EPA Misses Key Concerns Over Sue and Settle Secrecy

This is a response to EPA's General Counsel explaining the agency’s justification for its involvement in Sue and Settle agreements with private parties