Sample Job Descriptions


Chief Paid Executive

The chief paid executive of a chamber of commerce serves as the chief executive officer, carrying out the policies and directives of the membership.

Typical job titles in this classification: 

  • Executive Director 
  • Executive Vice President 
  • President
  • President & CEO or President/CEO

Operations Executive

The operations executive serves as the chief operating officer of the chamber. This position helps manage and oversee personnel to ensure the execution of the day-to-day business operations of the organization.

Typical job titles in this classification: 

  • Deputy Director 
  • Director, Internal Services 
  • Executive Assistant/Office Manager 
  • Office Manager 
  • Senior Vice President of Operations


This position maintains the organization’s financial records and prepares reports for the chief paid executive and the board. It also oversees the organization’s accounts receivable, accounts payable, and billing, among other financial activities.

Typical job titles in this classification: 

  • Chief Financial Officer 
  • Controller 
  • Director, Accounting 
  • Finance Director 
  • Vice President, Accounting


The Communications Department plans and manages all communications activities and publicity including staff, membership, and public information.

Typical job titles for this classification:

  • Associate Director of Communications 
  • Communications Coordinator 
  • Director, Advertising and Campaigns 
  • Senior Communications Manager 
  • Vice President of Communications


The positions in this department solicit and enlist new chamber members, as well as membership renewals. In addition, this department solicits sponsorships for chamber programs and plans membership recruitment efforts such as membership drives.

Typical job titles in this classification:

  • Assistant Vice President of Member Relations 
  • Director of Sales 
  • Manager for Membership Services 
  • Membership Director 
  • Vice President, New Member Sales