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Regional Scores

National Score 55.9


Northeast (56.2)

This quarter, Northeastern small businesses report significant improvement across two major indicators: overall business health (50% 
vs. 38% Q4) and comfort with cash flow (67% vs. 48% Q4). Revenue expectations outpace other regions this quarter, with 62% foreseeing an increase in revenues (40-50% across other regions). These help push the region to a tie for highest regional score this quarter. However, fewer rate the national economy as good (17% vs. 23% in Q4).

South (55.6)

Over half (56%) of Southern small businesses report good business health, a six-point increase from Q4. A majority (60%) of small businesses in the region are comfortable with their cash flow. However, expectations for higher revenues are dimmer: 40% of Southern small businesses anticipate beating their 2020 revenue figures, the least likely to predict an increase across regions and a steep decline from last quarter (down 13 points).

Midwest (55.7)

Midwest (55.7): Half of (48%) Midwestern small businesses report good business health. Yet, just over half of companies (55%) feel comfortable about their cash flow, a 10-point drop from Q4. Also, 67% of Midwestern small businesses say the national economy is in poor health, a sharp increase from the 44% in Q4 2020. But more plan to expand their staff over the next year (36% vs. 21% in Q4 2020).

West (56.2)

West (56.2): Half (49%) of Western small business owners report good overall business health, a seven-point drop from last quarter. Also, under half (44%) of businesses in the region expect their revenue to improve over 2020’s performance, significantly behind companies in the Northeast (62%). However, more plan to invest soon: 35% of Western small businesses plan on investing in their companies in the next year, up 14 points compared to Q4.