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A man standing in front of a series of screens holding a laptop while reviewing data
Q2 2024 SBI 69.5

Index Moves Up As Optimism About the Future Grows

Majority believe AI will save them time, money in the long run
An older man carrying a box of vegetable starts
Q1 2024 SBI 62.3

Index Remains Steady As Views of Economy Drift Upwards

Cybersecurity tops list of potential threats, but many have taken steps to prepare
An older man carrying a box of vegetable starts
Q4 2023 SBI 61.3

Index Drops As View of Economy Declines

Employers having harder time finding employees with right skills, experience
A grid of images highlighting different types of small businesses
Q3 2023 SBI 69.2

Index Reaches Post-Pandemic High As More See Improving Economy

Persistent concerns about inflation remain near record high
A woman who works in fashion retail on the phone
Q2 2023 SBI 63.1

Index up as Small Businesses Plan for More Hiring, Higher Revenue

Inflation remains top concern by far
A concerned woman talking on the phone while looking at her laptop
Q1 2023 SBI 60.0

Index Down Slightly as Small Businesses See Weaker Economy

Inflation remains top concern of small businesses across country