Policy Committees, Special Subcommittees, Councils and Task Forces

More than 2,000 volunteer representatives of member corporations, organizations, and the academic community serve on Chamber committees and subcommittees, councils, and task forces that help to define our policies on the issues that are critical to member businesses and organizations.

Similar to the committees but less broad in their scope, our special councils and task forces play a key role in helping to formulate our policy on issues ranging from space industry to Social Security.

Policy Committees

Accrediting Board Committee

Association Committee of 100

Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100

Education, Employment, and Training Committee

Employee Benefits Committee

Energy, Clean Air and Natural Resources Committee

Environment and Agriculture Committee

Government Operations, Oversight, & Consumer Affairs Committee

International Policy Committee

Labor Relations Committee

National Security Task Force

Small Business Council

Taxation Committee

Telecommunications & E-Commerce Committee

Transportation Infrastructure and Logistics Committee

Special Councils and Task Forces

Antitrust Council

Health Care Regulatory Task Force

Health Insurer Council

Procurement and Space Industry Council

Trade Task Force

Task Force on Climate Action (PDF)

Task Force to Eradicate Human Trafficking