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Combating the Coronavirus

Discover the latest resources and insights to help American businesses, workers, and families.


U.S. Chamber CEO’s Statement on Presidential Transition

We call on all elected officials across the country and at every level of government to promote calm in their communities and encourage a peaceful transition of power.


A mobile coffee truck is open for business during the Coronavirus pandemic. The owner wears a mask during work hours.

We've compiled the top economic trends small business owners should watch in 2021. Check them out here.

Golden sunshine on the United States Capitol.
All Americans should be committed to rallying our country around the cause of our nation’s recovery and the goal of a better future.
Starring Role

Not even a pandemic can diminish the importance of the arts and entertainment industries – in fact, Americans have doubled down on their cultural consumption

2020 Economic Analysis

From the start of the pandemic in March, we chronicled what was happening in the economy. Here is what we found and what we expect in 2021.

Judge's gavel and law books

The run-down on vertical mergers under current antitrust law.

Gas Works Park, Seattle, WA.
We support a market-based approach to accelerate greenhouse gas emissions reductions across the U.S. economy. 
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