U.S. Chamber member Michael Strange, President and CEO of Bassetts Ice Cream, at the Reading Terminal Market. 

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Chamber's Statement on Potential Auto Tariffs

The U.S. Chamber strongly opposes the administration’s threat to impose tariffs on auto imports in the name of national security. If this proposal is carried out, it would deal a staggering blow to the very industry it purports to protect and would threaten to ignite a global trade war.


European Union flags fly outside the European Commission building in Brussels, Belgium.
We may not see its full implications for months or years to come.
Trade cooperation
It’s important that the U.S. and China agree on a common set of rules for the global economy and international trade—and then live by them.
Packages move down a conveyor belt at the DHL Worldwide Express hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.
Technology, free trade agreements, and improved infrastructure can improve supply chains and reduce barriers for businesses
Norfolk Southern freight trains in Danville, KY.
Experts say technology will rule the day, if infrastructure will enable it.
A sign outside Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.
If you want more of something – like economic growth – tax it less.
A factory worker welds forklift components together on an assembly line in Indiana.
The great growth benefits from tax reform will begin with increasing business investment.
Boeing's 737 Max 9 jetliner at the company's manufacturing facility in Renton, WA.
Businesses are raising wages, giving employees bonuses, and increasing retirement contributions because of tax reform.
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