U.S. Chamber member and small business hero Anthony Varanakis, Presto Print Production Manager in Salt Lake City, Utah. Photo by Ian Wagreich

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has helped reduce energy costs for both residential customers and industrial users

New Chamber analysis shows savings will range from $100 million in Maine to over $3 billion in California in the next five years.  

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Nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States Brett Kavanaugh
The U.S. Chamber fully supports Judge Kavanaugh's nomination for the United States Supreme Court.
Shipping containers stacked on a ship as it is unloaded at the Port of Los Angeles.
The best way to protect American industries from a damaging trade war is to avoid entering into one in the first place.
A worker stacks a straw bale at a recently harvested wheat field in the village of Kirkland in Dekalb, Illinois
“We’d rather have trade. Any aid package, no matter what dollar amount, is a Band-Aid on an arterial bleed.”
From manufacturing to agriculture, business owners are coping with the changes to come. For small businesses, there are no winners.
More than $713 million of the state's exports are vulnerable due to the emerging trade war.
Soybeans are loaded into a truck during harvest in Princeton, IL.
$3.8 billion of the state's exports are vulnerable due to the emerging trade war.
Beer mug
Pretty much everything in a brewery that isn’t an ingredient or a stool is made of metal.
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