U.S. Chamber member Michael Strange, President and CEO of Bassetts Ice Cream, at the Reading Terminal Market. 

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Time To Build

This week, with national events, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce continues to advance the mission to build a modern, efficient infrastructure system to support America’s 21st century economy. 


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Contractors work on a highway exit ramp near Portsmouth, OH.
The stakes are too high to keep kicking the can down the road year after year.
A sign outside Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA.
If you want more of something – like economic growth – tax it less.
Infrastructure Week 2018

This Infrastructure Week, the Chamber sends the message that infrastructure modernization has the potential to pack a big economic punch.

A worker takes water readings at a water treatment facility in West Valley City, UT.
Closing the water investment gap would generate over $220 billion in annual economic activity and create and sustain 1.3 million jobs.
A factory worker welds forklift components together on an assembly line in Indiana.
The great growth benefits from tax reform will begin with increasing business investment.
Boeing's 737 Max 9 jetliner at the company's manufacturing facility in Renton, WA.
Businesses are raising wages, giving employees bonuses, and increasing retirement contributions because of tax reform.
Small Business Infrastructure Reform

As we celebrate the success of small business, let’s remove the barriers to their further growth and prosperity.

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