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Intellectual Property

Every innovation that improves lives, advances society, and drives our economy starts with an idea. Strong intellectual property rights—including patents, trademarks, and copyrights—protect and incentivize those ideas. When inventors, researchers, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs have legal certainty that their work will be protected and rewarded, they can keep the transformative ideas coming. Intellectual property protections also shield consumers from dangerous fake and counterfeit goods, giving people assurances that products—from life-saving medicines to toys—are safe and authentic. 

2024 International IP Index

The 12th edition of the U.S. Chamber’s International IP Index is a comprehensive assessment of the world’s intellectual property frameworks. It shows the power of smart policies to foster innovation, creativity, and economic growth and unlock opportunity.

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Feature story

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) will see global leaders navigate debates over IP waivers.

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Feature story

How a renewed and principled approach to intellectual property is key to unlocking America’s full innovative and creative potential in the 21st century.

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