Health Care

In many ways, U.S. health care is the envy of the world—it has helped many individuals live longer than ever and enjoy a better quality of life than previously possible. However, we continue to face the challenge of making quality health care more affordable, more accessible, and more reliable for all Americans. 

The Chamber is focused on promoting effective private sector solutions to our health care challenges that will help control costs, expand access, and improve the quality of care.

The Chamber's health care priorities include:

  • Advancing successful ideas from the private sector that reduce costs, advance quality, and improve health
  • Promoting reforms that provide relief to employers and employees as the ACA is implemented including:
    • Reducing the harm of the employer mandate by restoring the 40-hour work week;
    • Repealing taxes that increase premiums and cost jobs such as the 40% excise tax, medical device tax, and the health insurance tax; and
    • Improving flexibility for tax-preferred accounts that encourage careful health care spending like FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs
  • Raising awareness of the positive effects of wellness and chronic disease management programs in the workplace to improve health and productivity
  • Expanding access to coverage and services by strengthening the employer-sponsored system

Projects and Programs

Recent Activity

LetterFeb 22, 2019 - 3:45pm

U.S. Chamber of Commerce on the International Pricing Index

This letter was sent to the House and Senate indicating the Chamber’s opposition to the Department of Health and Human Services’ International Pricing Index.

Above the FoldFeb 21, 2019 - 3:00pm
Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) speaks at a health care news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

‘Medicare for All’ isn’t the Health Care Reform Americans Want, Poll Finds

Most voters would rather see Congress focus on lowering health care costs than create a new government-run health care system.

ReportFeb 21, 2019 - 9:00am
Single Payer Infographic Cover Image

Medicare for All: Voter Poll

In the debate over ways to improve our health care system, one highly controversial idea, commonly known as “Medicare for All,” has garnered much attention. In short, “Medicare for All” is a government-run, tax-payer funded health care system that eliminates private health insurance.

Above the FoldFeb 20, 2019 - 1:00pm
IV drip

Quick Take: Your Primer on HHS’s International Pricing Index (IPI) Proposal

In America, we don’t let the government set prices, so why would we let foreign governments set prices for us?

CommentFeb 12, 2019 - 12:00pm

Comments to HHS on Modifying HIPAA Rules to Improve Coordinated Care

February 12, 2019Submitted Electronically Via Federal Rulemaking Portal: Attention: RFI: RIN 0945-AA00U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesOffice for Civil RightsHubert Humphrey Building Room 509F200 Independence Avenue, SWWashington, DC 20201

Above the FoldFeb 11, 2019 - 9:00am
Hospital Waiting Room

Why Drug Price-Fixing Is a Bad Idea

In America, we don’t let the government set prices, so why in the world we would let foreign governments set prices for us?

Above the FoldJan 10, 2019 - 9:15am
State of American Business 2019

State of American Business 2019 Live Blog

President and CEO Tom Donohue outlined the top challenges facing the business community and lays out the U.S. Chamber’s policy priorities.

CommentDec 28, 2018 - 5:45pm

Comments to IRS on Health Reimbursement Arrangements and Group Health Plans

Submitted Electronically Via Federal Rulemaking Portal: Attention: CC:PA:LPD:PRREG-13674-17Room 5205Internal Revenue ServiceP.O. Box 7604Ben Franklin StationWashington, DC 20044

EventDec 11, 2018 - 11:30am to 12:30pm
Bill Gates Interview Graphic

The Need for U.S. Leadership

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Initiative on Health and the Economy is pleased to host the Co-Chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Bill Gates, for a discussion on the role of U.S. leadership in supporting innovation and progress around the world. Please join us for this important and timely discussion.