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Business is...

Beating a public health crisis. Navigating a recovering economy. Addressing the climate challenge. Ensuring equal opportunity for all Americans.

masked worker handing bag to customer

The business community is facing big challenges, yet companies of every size and industry are stepping up in extraordinary ways.

Business is Rallying the Recovery

Businesses of all sizes and sectors in every community have stepped up. Business is creating solutions, protecting our essential workers, delivering necessities, helping communities, keeping us connected, building hope and rallying the recovery. Business is moving us forward.

Business Is ... Supporting Communities

Big or small, across all industries, and in every corner of the country, businesses are going above and beyond to support their employees, customers, and local communities.

Business is ... Pivoting and Innovating

Businesses are able to recognize a need, a changing environment, or a new normal and quickly adapt to make what is needed, reallocate resources, and step up in ways only business can.

Business is ... Giving Back

Philanthropic donations, grants, and investments from the business community are fueling efforts to help Americans and the causes that need it most. See how more companies are giving back.

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