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February 09, 2024


Millions of Americans will gather on Sunday with family, friends, and even complete strangers to watch Super Bowl LVIII. The Super Bowl is a hallmark of American life that brings together people of all backgrounds for three hours of entertainment one special day a year.

From the broadcasts to the food and refreshments to the health and safety of players on the field, millions of American businesses—including small businesses—contribute their goods and services to put on the big game.

“When people come to Las Vegas, and they see all the glitz and glamour, they really don't realize that Las Vegas is a small business town. Small business owners are the fabric of our community here, just like they are all over the rest of the country,” says Mary Beth Sewald, president and CEO of the Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

“The NFL has opened the doors to our small business community, giving them an opportunity to benefit, and that's going to lead to even more economic impact throughout our entire community.”

The Vegas Chamber of Commerce shared examples of how small businesses in and around Las Vegas are stepping up to ensure Super Bowl LVIII goes off without a hitch for players, spectators, and fans across the nation.

Frequency Pictures

Courtesy of Frequency Pictures
Courtesy of Frequency Pictures

Karl Nickoley, founder of Frequency Pictures, a Vegas-based production company, is set to complete 10 Super Bowl-related projects by the end of 2024, generating over $1 million in revenue for the local economy and providing employment for 175 cast and crew members, most of whom are local Nevadans. 

For Frequency Pictures, the Super Bowl is an opportunity to showcase its production capabilities on a global stage. The company has worked to capture content for Super Bowl promotional videos that will be used by CBS and the NFL leading up to the Super Bowl—and during the game itself.   

Frequency Pictures has also contributed to the local economy by partnering with equipment rental businesses in Las Vegas. Instead of sourcing equipment from outside the state, they have been supporting local equipment rental services, which has further boosted the economy of Las Vegas and strengthened the local business ecosystem.

Clean & Green Landscape

Courtesy of Clean & Green Landscape
Courtesy of Clean & Green Landscape

With the Super Bowl in Las Vegas this year, Justin and Patricia Yin, owners of Clean & Green Landscape, are busy. As fans prepare to host Super Bowl watch parties, the couple has experienced a surge in calls from homeowners eager to transform their backyards into a spot for hosting Super Bowl parties.

Vegas locals have been calling for simple debris clean-ups, tree trimming, new shrubs, new pavers, fire pits, and even artificial turf so little ones have a place to run and throw a football. 

“It also underscores the broader economic benefits major events like the Super Bowl bring to local businesses and the community at large. We are proud to contribute to this vibrant city's landscape and to be part of the excitement surrounding such a significant event,” said Patricia Yin.

Protective Force International

Courtesy of Protective Force International
Courtesy of Protective Force International

Security company Protective Force International started as a two-person small business in 2019. Today, the company employs 300 security officers and will be activating 40 additional officers leading up to the Super Bowl. 

PFI has a variety of resources, including specialized emergency security team officers who have more than 200 hours of training. Their large and growing canine unit will be assigned to critical areas like casinos and other businesses that are expecting to see thousands of people over Super Bowl weekend.

Additionally, in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, PFI is participating in an anti-human trafficking and child exploitation rescue operation with law enforcement agencies and other organizations.

Grocery Outlet

The Sesma family, photo courtesy of Grocery Outlet
The Sesma family, photo courtesy of Grocery Outlet

Family-owned and operated Grocery Outlet wanted to capitalize on having the Super Bowl in town for grocery sales while also finding a way to give back to the local community. Working with the Mayor’s Fund, owners Dana and Ernesto Sesma are hosting a fundraiser at their store with the goal of raising $12,500: enough money to sponsor 25 scholarships for kids to participate in local sports leagues.

To spur donations at their registers, Grocery Outlet is offering a Give $10, Get $10 incentive to customers. If anyone donates $10 or more in a single transaction in-store, they receive a coupon for $10 off a future purchase.

“We’re so excited to help boost our local youth’s athletic potential so more children can build their leadership skills, experience teamwork, and improve their health and wellbeing. Serving the community and offering value to our customers is an important part of what we do. This fundraiser is just one way that we achieve this goal,” the Grocery Outlet owners said.

Luxe Lifestyle

Travis Turner with the trophy, courtesy of Luxe Lifestyle
Travis Turner with the trophy, courtesy of Luxe Lifestyle

For Travis Turner, the Super Bowl is an opportunity to expand his high-end concierge business, Luxe Lifestyle. Offering concierge services for people coming to Las Vegas for the Super Bowl and the Formula 1 Grand Prix (returning to Vegas in November 2024) has opened new opportunities for his business to build relationships with customers outside Nevada.

As fans travel from across the country and the world to Vegas for the Super Bowl, Luxe Lifestyle will offer transportation and logistics, special events, and accommodations for special requests and activities.


Courtesy of Grazingbelles
Courtesy of Grazingbelles

Grazingbelles catering company was hired to bring their catering services to a community event serving more than 500 people in conjunction with the Super Bowl. The free event is for underserved kids and families in Las Vegas to experience some of the magic of Super Bowl weekend. It will include food trucks, pre-bagged groceries to take home, a football fun zone with fun drills and activities with NFL and UNLV players, a live DJ, and information on support services.

Owner Isabel Siu started Grazingbelles when she discovered a passion for arranging intricate charcuterie boards for wine nights with her girlfriends to unwind after grueling nursing shifts. Now, she shares her love for food and entertaining with her local community by creating delicious, stunning grazing tables and displays. 

Golden Steer Steakhouse

Courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse
Courtesy of Golden Steer Steakhouse

Confident that there would be a surge in demand with the Super Bowl coming to town, Golden Steer Steakhouse owner Amanda Signorelli expanded the restaurant in November to be able to welcome larger groups. Every day of Super Bowl weekend is now overbooked, and the restaurant is expecting a staggering 50% increase in business for the weekend compared to last year.

“Super Bowl LVIII has not only allowed us to showcase our hospitality and culinary passion but has also filled us with immense pride in being part of such a historic moment for our city,” says Signorelli.

The Economic Impact

As the nation gears up for the most anticipated sporting event of the year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released new data underscoring the economic impact generated by Super Bowl LVIII across the country as part of a new initiative—Brought to You by American Business—that showcases how businesses of all sizes are behind America’s favorite cultural and sports events and highlights the jobs and growth created.  

The Chamber’s analysis calculated the anticipated economic benefit from the Super Bowl for all 386 U.S. metro areas. The U.S. Chamber estimates the Super Bowl will create, at minimum, an additional $215 million in spending for the Las Vegas economy from purchases of food, drinks, hotel rooms, and memorabilia by an estimated 150,000 visitors coming to town for the game.

“The Super Bowl has a massive economic impact and that could not happen without the efforts of American businesses both big and small providing their services and hospitality. Small businesses in Las Vegas and across the country are playing a huge part in creating memorable experiences for fans everywhere this weekend,” said Curtis Dubay, Chief Economist at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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