Most Americans agree that our roads, bridges, mass transit systems, air and sea ports, and water infrastructure are critical national assets that drive growth, jobs, safety, and global competitiveness. What we can’t seem to agree on is how to pay for badly needed maintenance and repairs. It’s time to stop thinking about infrastructure as a problem, but as an opportunity for bipartisan agreement to invest wisely and carefully in our most critical needs, while eliminating wasteful spending.



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This is unacceptable and we need to modernize our transportation infrastructure to significantly reduce this Americ…


Important report that federal lawmakers need to act on!


Important report that we need to act on


Our Position

Falling Behind

America’s infrastructure is ranked 12th in the world, behind countries like Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.
SOURCE: World Economic Forum

The Chamber believes that allowing our nation’s infrastructure to continue to deteriorate is not an option. It will cost jobs, stunt economic growth, reduce safety, and put us further behind our global competitors.
The Chamber has a commonsense agenda to ensure we are making adequate investments that maintain and improve our system, that money is spent wisely and on the most essential projects, and that unites the interests of Republicans and Democrats and all stakeholders, from business to labor to safety groups.

Our priorities include:

  • Finding a secure, sustainable solution to funding the Highway Trust Fund so projects can be planned in advance and completed efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Ensuring full funding for our aviation and water systems.
  • Eliminating wasteful, pork barrel spending and focusing limited resources on projects that will deliver the most bang for the buck.
  • Implementing reforms to the permitting process to reduce costly delays and get projects off the ground more quickly.
  • Leveraging up to $250 billion in private investment capital to supplement current infrastructure funding sources.

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Infrastructure is a key component of the U.S. Chamber's American Growth Agenda - an ambitious plan to generate stronger, more robust economic growth, create jobs and expand opportunity for all Americans.


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