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Smart regulations give businesses the rules of the road so they can operate, innovate, and invest with certainty. Regulatory overreach, on the other hand, stifles growth and innovation. Getting this balance right is essential to driving solutions that improve lives and fostering a vibrant and dynamic economy that creates opportunities for people.

Tech Policies that Help Small Businesses Thrive

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Now, when small businesses rely so heavily on digital tools to stay afloat, policymakers must invest in policies that help them go from surviving to thriving.

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The U.S. Chamber works with governments at the state, federal, and global levels to create a regulatory environment in which businesses can innovate, compete, and thrive. From labor and finance to technology and energy regulations, we ensure the voice of business is represented in the rulemaking process. When rules are outdated, outmoded, or overreaching, we work to improve or eliminate them in the agencies, in Congress, or in the courts.

How Can Business Owners Shape Public Policy?

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Business owners can use their voice to implement public policy that directly affects them.

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