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5 Trend Opportunities for Marketers to Monetize This Holiday Selling Season

Personalized offers and sustainability are among this year’s potential winning strategies for retailers and brands, analysts say.

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Experts Share Holiday Marketing Trends

A focus on offering high-value gift deals, personalized offers, sustainability, and human customer service are among this year’s potential winning strategies for retailers and brands, analysts say.

How A Beauty Entrepreneur Took Her Brand from Swap Meets to Urban Outfitters

Competing in the $57 billion U.S. beauty industry against titans who have big advertising budgets is tough. Yet Hernandez did just that with Beauty Creations, poised to surpass $60 million in sales.

A Retailer's Guide to Early Holiday Merchandising

Selling holiday-related items last-minute can cost you. Here’s why.

Ways to Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Here are some ideas for celebrating October 18, National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day.

Why Your Small Business Might Need Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance can be a lifesaver if an expensive item you’ve shipped goes missing, but it might not make sense for local deliveries.

6 AI Photo and Graphic Design Tools

These artificial intelligence tools can help you improve the quality of images, graphics, and icons you use to convey your brand’s personality.

Cybersecurity: How to Protect Employee Data

Employee information is a recent target in hacking attempts and data breaches. Here’s how to protect your team’s personal data.

How to Offer Delivery at Your Business

Local delivery comes with many initial startup costs, but offering it could boost your sales by as much as 20%.

How Big Brands Leverage Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Backpack maker JanSport, underwear brand MeUndies, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters are among the companies tapping tech tools to optimize consumer review content to deliver results.

5 Fun Onboarding Activities for New Hires

These onboarding activities help your new hires get to know the rest of the team and integrate with the company culture.