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Balancing the need to attract new customers while keeping your existing clients happy.

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How the Pandemic Changed Customer Loyalty

Changing consumer trends have put customer loyalty up for grabs. Here are some ways your business can respond.

How to Create 'Superfans' for Your Business

Superfans spread the word about your business and are often your most loyal customers. Here’s how to attract and create them.

B2B Loyalty Program Ideas

B2B loyalty programs have many similarities with B2C loyalty schemes, but with different incentives and ways to show you value your buyers’ business.

B2C Customer Loyalty Program Ideas

Improve customer retention by instituting a loyalty program that rewards repeat behavior and big-ticket purchases.

5 Things You Should Never Say to Your Customers

Replace these phrases with positive, solution-oriented ones to improve your customer service and customer retention.

Is the Customer Always Right?

The short answer: no. Here are some situations in which the customer could be wrong, and what to do in these scenarios.

Customer Survey Tools and Success Tips

Surveys can reveal a broken process affecting the customer’s experience. Here’s how to effectively survey your customers.

How to Survey Customers: Best Practices for Small Business

There are right and wrong ways to survey your customers. Here are five steps to follow to make sure that your survey gives you the feedback you need.

6 Free or Low-Cost CRM Options for Small Business

CRM tools build relationships with leads and customers. Explore software that keeps you connected.

How to Handle Customer Refunds at Your Business

Use these tips to develop an effective customer return management process.