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From accounting to taxes, keeping track of your finances and investing in what matters.

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7 Small and Sneaky Costs That Add Up

These seven costs may fly under the radar, but can slowly shrink your profit margin if you aren’t careful.

Accounts Payable vs. Accounts Receivable: What's the Difference?

Understand the levers that impact your cash flow to make better decisions and grow your business sustainably.

5 Costs E-Commerce Businesses Often Overlook

Don’t get caught off-guard by hidden or unexpected expenses. Factor these costs into your budget.

Small Business KPIs: What Are the Numbers That Matter?

There are several different key performance indicators (KPIs) businesses can monitor when working to attain certain goals. Here's a breakdown to help you decide what to track.

Business Expenses You Can Cut to Save Money

Use these tips to trim your budget and improve your cash flow.

5 Costs Every Startup Should Plan For

Technology, permits and utilities are a few of the standard expenses for which virtually every new business needs to account.

How to Start a Business on a Budget

Prioritizing low overhead can make starting a business much more affordable than you might expect.

Unexpected Startup Costs (And How to Plan for Them)

Setting aside an emergency budget will help you prepare for unexpected costs that come up as you grow your business.

How to Monetize and Promote Your Business on YouTube

Take a multi-layered approach to build an audience and make money on YouTube.

How to Monetize Facebook

Want to earn money on Facebook? Here’s how to use Facebook’s monetization tools.