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Nespresso Delves Into Tech to Find Out What Its Best Customers Want

The coffee brand’s VP of Marketing for its U.S. business explains how data intelligence is revealing what its devotees care most about.

AriZona CEO: How the Tea Brand’s Foray into Snack Food Revealed Its Next Growth Opportunity

Careful experimentation and a deep knowledge of its customer base helped the beverage brand ace an entirely new product category with an inflation-resistant pricing strategy.

How E-Commerce Trendsetter Sephora Is Giving Its Digital Business a Tech Makeover

When the beauty retailer opted to modernize its digital platform, four must-have features topped its shopping list that address rapidly changing consumer demands, says CTO Sree Sreedhararaj.

How Meta Is Tackling Social Media Content Creation Training

‘Just getting started’ can be the biggest hurdle, Meta exec tells CO—.

How Pacaso Reached $1 Billion ‘Unicorn Status’

Founder and CEO Austin Allison on how the tech platform leveraged real estate industry expertise and ‘operational excellence’ to fill an unmet consumer need in the housing market.

How Chloe’s Pops Became One of The Fastest Growing Frozen Treats in the Grocery Aisle

Co-founders of the additive-free fruit — and now oat milk — treats on taking market share in the booming nondairy dessert category and expansion in national retailers.

Evite CEO on Making the Digital Invitation Platform Profitable

Entrepreneur David Yeom changed the business model of the 24-year-old brand with a bold strategy that holds big lessons for businesses large and small.

Accenture’s Head of Retail on the Imprint of Her Mentors

Jill Standish, who leads transformation projects for the world’s biggest retailers, on how mentors that range from her farmer grandfather to a former boss inform her leadership strategies to this day.

LinkedIn’s Global DEI Lead on Crafting Winning Diversity Strategies

The Global VP of Diversity and Belonging shares how the nation’s biggest professional network is working to create access to opportunities for marginalized groups, including small business owners.

Shopify Adds Features to Its Toolkit to Help Small Businesses Grow

The online sales platform is responding to changes in how merchants want to sell, like via NFTs, and how consumers want to shop.