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Human Resources

Hiring the right employees and managing them well are essential to your business. Here's how to do it.

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What to Do When a Competitor Poaches Your Employees

If your competitors are consistently recruiting your top employees away, here are ways to retain staff members.

What to Do When an Employee Leaves

Have this checklist handy for the next time you have an employee leave your company.

How to Help Employees With Child Care

With more employees prioritizing their families, employers should consider offering child care benefits to their staff.

How to Compare Job Candidates Objectively

Evidence-based hiring helps leaders find employees that align with their ideal candidate profile. Learn how to make objective and bias-free decisions.

What to Consider When Drug Testing Employees

Drug testing helps determine whether employees abuse illegal substances or prescription medications. Here are five things to consider before drug testing employees.

Common Job Interview Formats

Behavioral, group, and case interviews are all common job interview formats for which to be prepared.

Behavioral Interviewing: What It Is and Tips for Getting Started

Do your interviews reveal enough about a job candidate’s future performance? Discover how a structured behavior interview can improve your approach.

Steps to Take When Interviewing Job Candidates

Improve your hiring process by following these steps before, during, and after a job interview with an applicant.

How to Hire When Your Company Is in Growth Mode

Entrepreneurs should consider these factors when hiring new employees for a growing team.

How to Create an Employee Handbook

Learn the benefits of having an employee handbook, what information to include for employees, and find easy-to-use templates.