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CO— is an editorial website with a mission to serve growing businesses across the U.S. Launched in 2019 by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, CO— publishes content that helps solve the problems business owners face every day. Our team is based in New York City and is made up of digital media and publishing professionals who are deeply committed to building a vibrant entrepreneurial community and helping business owners thrive.


Meet the leaders of CO—

Mike Morello

Mike Morello,
Chief Digital Officer

Mike Morello leads the CO— team on its mission to empower businesses of all sizes to grow and succeed. He was previously the COO at Inc., overseeing all aspects of the publication’s digital operations. He held senior-level product roles at Purch and at WebMD, where he developed tools for patient communication, as well as at, where he launched from the ground up. Mike also spent 10 years with AOL, where he helped build the very first AOL finance section. Mike’s philosophy is that a great product begins and ends with a superior user experience. At CO— his goal is to apply that philosophy to helping business owners solve the problems they face every day.

Jeanette Mulvey

Jeanette Mulvey,
Executive Director, Content

Jeanette has been writing about and for small businesses for her entire career. She is a business journalist who has covered industries ranging from small-town hardware stores to big city fashion designers. In addition to her work as a journalist and editor at sites like Business News Daily and, she has run multiple small businesses and understands the everyday challenges small business owners face. Her hope is that CO— content is clear, helpful and inspiring.

Barbara Thau

Barbara Thau,
Senior Features Editor

Barbara is a longtime business reporter and editor specializing in the retail and consumer sectors, whose coverage includes fashion, food, beauty, technology and more. Her coverage at consumer publications like Forbes, CNBC and and trade outlets such as Home Furnishings News ranges from market trend analysis features to CEO profiles of the nation’s biggest public companies, as well as buzzy new disruptors. Thau aims for CO—'s features to demystify the business landscape for the business community, with exclusive stories that keep readers ahead of the trends, identify emerging opportunities and offer actionable insights for growth.

Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth Peterson,
Director of Audience Development

Born into a family of small business owners, Elizabeth began her career as a journalist writing about startups and entrepreneurs for B2B sites, including Business News Daily. She later switched gears, first entering the world of science journalism at Live Science and then tackling social media and content marketing for sites like and Tom’s Hardware. Her goal at CO— is to get information and resources that help businesses thrive directly into the hands of business owners.

Ciara Larkin

Ciara Larkin,
Managing Editor

Ciara has spent her career editing and writing about a variety of topics, from personal finance and business for TheStreet to tax and accounting for Thomson Reuters. Her combined experiences have led her to discover a passion for small businesses, startups and all that comes along with entrepreneurship. She aims to produce content for the CO— audience that encourages motivation, offers help and is grammatically correct.

Alex Demir

Alex Demir,
Senior Director of Engineering

A penchant for creating and building landed Alex in software engineering — media publishing turned that interest into a passion. Working on sites like, Livescience, Tom’s Guide and Business News Daily laid the groundwork for a versatile engineering career, during which Alex has helped build tools and features that connect editors and writers to their audiences.

Matt Bloomfield

Matt Bloomfield,
Director of Web Development

Curious about everything, with a natural love of tinkering, Matt loves to build things. Whether it's cars, houses, or websites, he's sure to sink his heart in until it looks and runs flawlessly. Starting his career at a fast-paced, Utah-based tech startup, he quickly moved from support to engineering. What started as weekend coding became a full-time passion as he continues to work to build enterprise-level applications, sites, and systems.

Anthony Zhu

Anthony Zhu,
Software Engineer

Starting off his career working in sales and account management, Anthony has jumped around various industries. Having felt an itch to create and build web applications from the ground up, he learned to program through a web development bootcamp and landed his first job working as a developer in digital publishing for brands like PC Mag, Tom’s Guide and Laptop Mag. At CO— Anthony is motivated to provide a seamless user experience so small business owners, entrepreneurs and startups can receive and digest actionable content.