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Pet Humanization Trend Creates Brand & Business Opportunities

Pets have become part of the family, fueling opportunities for gourmet pet food, pet insurance, boutique vet clinics, nutritional supplements, and pet tech.

BIPOC Business Leaders Share Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Executives from major brands share their best advice and the moves they’ve found foundational to success.

Can’t Find Workers? It’s Time for a New Type of ‘Employer Branding’ To Woo Them

The power of a brand to drive sales is well known. Now, companies are learning that a new sort of brand can also drive employee recruitment and retention.

Top DEI Execs on Diversity Strategies That Drive Real Results

Leaders share their best practices for creating an effective diversity strategy.

How 3 Startups Generated Exponential Sales Growth on TikTok

Babylist, Eterneva, and Liteboxer share the secrets of their viral success on the short-form video platform.

Hospitality Brands Are Capitalizing on the Pet Craze to Woo Millennials

Hoteliers are treating pets like royalty with room service, plush beds, doggy day care, and more.

How 3 Brands Turned Pandemic-Era Homebodies Into a Business Opportunity

The brands’ execs share how they’re tapping the work-from-home trend to uncork new revenue streams at the photo-sharing business, apparel brand, and furniture rental startup.

3 Startups Staying True to Their Roots While Expanding

Founders from three very different brands, from frozen food to skin care, on building a multichannel business strategy into their operations from the start.

5 Post-COVID Economy Tech Trends Driving Sales

Technologies from QR codes to virtual reality are providing companies tools to create new and more engaging experiences for their customers and unlock newfound sales.

5 Back-to-School Shopping Trends With Valuable Lessons for All Businesses

Here’s how retailers are adjusting their sales strategies to tap into key changes in consumer behavior.