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How the Work-From-Home Revolution Will Change How Americans Live, Spend and Shop

The demand for close-to-home commerce will drive the growth of local shopping districts, small businesses, online pickup and delivery hubs, and new residential developments.

How 3 Startups Achieved Growth Through Great Customer Experiences

Whether developing a new service app or a consumer product, offering immersive experiences (with a local twist) can be key to unlocking a return on investment, founders said.

Hospitality Brands Are Tapping Wellness Tourism for Growth

Hotel brands are beefing up their wellness offerings to fuel a post-pandemic recovery — betting that catering to a guest’s mind, body, and spirit will boost their bottom lines, too.

How Innovation-Driven Startups Reached Profitability

Alcohol disruptor Bartesian, bedding startup Bed Scrunchie, and livestream platform CommentSold discuss hiring, marketing, sourcing, and wearing multiple hats to drive their companies’ success.

Business Advice From TikTok, Glossier and Twitter Execs

Business leaders — including beauty industry icon Bobbi Brown — share best practices for networking and sharing content on social media to obtaining financing.

Startups Share Pandemic Decisions That Produced Long-Term Success

Leaders from coffee brand Bean Box, deodorant brand Curie, and bridal disruptor Azazie share how they weathered the storm and came out the other side with sales gains and new customers.

Restaurant Businesses Share Their Surprising Revenue Streams

Eateries are getting creative and generating sales in unexpected ways — via vending machines to doggie parties — to combat pandemic losses.

Why Brands Are Investing in Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Marketers ranging from McDonald’s and Fresh Direct to Lasik MD leverage the flexibility and measurement capabilities of outdoor ad tech to turn more brand messaging into sales.

How Marketers Optimized QR Codes to Drive Engagement and Sales

Brands leverage the pandemic-fueled popularity of the scannable barcodes to enable contactless consumer payments and a more experiential shopping journey.

Emerging Marketing Trends That Can Help Grow Your Business

Real-time loyalty offers and AI-driven content are among the marketing trends that businesses need to consider to thrive, experts told CO—.