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3 Businesses Get Creative to Counter Mounting Customer Acquisition Obstacles — And Win

From votive candle holder makers to online auction sites, an increasing number of companies are landing on new tactics to get customers interested in—and committed to—their brand.

Inside the Big (Specialty Market) Growth Opportunity in the $88.9 Billion U.S. Coffee Industry

Yes, it’s a drink, but it’s so much more. Consumers are insisting on it. That’s why premium roasts, novel flavors, and immersive settings are driving sales for boutique coffee businesses.

What It Takes to Develop and Launch a Sustainable Product

The founders of PlantSwitch, Matter, and Repurpose, which make compostable dinnerware, storage containers, and more, share their strategies for landing funding, scaling production, and breaking into big retail.

Remote Work Presents Opportunities (and Challenges) for Suburban Restaurant Growth

How fast-casual chains including DIG, CAVA, and Sweetgreen are expanding successfully in suburban markets.

How Advances in Digital Payments Help Brands Enhance the Customer Experience and Reduce the Dreaded Wait in Line

Biometrics and technology that lets customers pay from anywhere in-store are the next frontier of contactless payments, and interest is growing.

How ‘Retail Concierges’ (Both Digital and Human) Are Poised to Disrupt the Shopping Experience

AI-powered virtual sales assistants and improved tools for store employees will anticipate shoppers’ needs and provide VIP-level service at scale.

Mastercard, Affirm, and Klarna Lean Into SMB and Millennial Market Demands to Unlock Growth

Execs from the financial services firms on easing access to capital for small businesses, expanding buy now, pay later options, and driving cost savings via AI to fuel growth.

Brands Building Wellness into Marketing Plans

The post-pandemic-fueled wellness economy finds everyday brands from Ulta Beauty to dating app Bumble adding self-care to their businesses to boost customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Businesses Large and Small Tap Multibillion-Dollar Retail Media Network Trend for Growth

In-store platforms from DICK’s Sporting Goods to Instacart expand to provide advertisers more access to consumers in the final stages of their purchasing decisions.

Future Shop: Retail Innovations That Will Change How Consumers Spend in 2024 and Beyond

A look at tech ranging from scan-and-go checkout and AI-fueled digital ‘humanoid’ assistants to other breakthroughs that experts say will transform the customer experience.