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How Big Brands Leverage Customer Reviews to Increase Sales

Backpack maker JanSport, underwear brand MeUndies, and La Colombe Coffee Roasters are among the companies tapping tech tools to optimize consumer review content to deliver results.

How 3 Companies Are Monetizing the Street Food Trend

CPG brands and founder-led startups are packaging grocery items inspired by authentic global dishes previously available only from local street vendors, food trucks, and restaurants.

How To Turn Deinfluencing Into a Marketing Opportunity

There are opportunities to attract customers even when products are on the wrong end of a social media post.

How Small Businesses Are Leveraging AI

Small to medium-sized businesses can make their operations more efficient by using AI tools to attend to tasks they might not have the time or the resources for.

Loyalty Programs Evolve to Deliver Experiential Rewards

A cross section of brands’ revamped rewards strategies rely on elevated perks to woo today’s consumers.

Security Experts on How SMBs Can Protect Customer Data From Cybercriminals

Execs share the key safeguard measures and employee training necessary to thwart hackers amid the growth of e-commerce and other digital touchpoints.

How 3 Brands Tapped Technology to Slay Inventory Overhang and Save Millions

Snow Cosmetics teeth whitening kits, Freedom Rave Wear fast fashion, and KOS organic protein powder have freed up cash by optimizing inventory and avoiding costly liquidations—while generating sales.

Execs From Major Brands Discuss Monetizing Big (Post-Pandemic) Growth Opportunities

How the trio of brands are leaning into the rise of SMBs, wellness, and the work-from-home economy to drive business.

Why Big Businesses Launched Accelerators For Minority-Owned Startups

Execs from the tech giants on providing investment and mentorship opportunities to diverse founders long-excluded from the game.

Eco-Lodging Platforms Monetize Demand for Sustainable Travel Experiences

Discover Corps, Natural Habitat Adventures, and Kind Traveler tap into the growth of ‘impact tourism’ to drive business.