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Emerging Social Media Strategies Businesses Must Know to Grow

How brands of all sizes can boost their presence — while tapping the ‘deinfluencing’ trend and shoppable videos — in the next-generation social media landscape.

Pickleball’s Fast-Growing Popularity Is Creating Sales Opportunities for Businesses

Subway, Walmart, Chicken N Pickle, and CourtReserve are among the companies taking a swing at monetizing the ping-pong-meets-tennis game.

Women Executives Discuss Imposter Syndrome

Despite professional success, VP of Global DEI Rosanna Durruthy, VP of Creative Xanthe Wells, and CMO Angela Hsu reflect on grappling with self-doubt, and the path to recognizing, ‘you’re OK.’

Restaurant Execs Share Top Trends to Drive Growth in 2023

Focus Brands (which owns Carvel and Cinnabon), Marco’s Pizza, and Bad Ass Coffee of Hawaii deploy strategies for success in a changed restaurant landscape.

Big Picture Trends Set to Drive Business in 2023

Analysts reveal how AI, multi-sensory experiences, and blended categories are creating B2B and B2C opportunities.

Startups Help Restaurant Takeout Businesses Go Green

Technology — and changing consumer behavior — are key to the success of this emerging business model, founders of reusable container businesses say.

How Marketers Are Capitalizing on Mobile Commerce Market

Experts from companies that provide m-commerce solutions for brands such as Weber grills and UNTUCKit menswear unpack how content and convenience are key to driving sales on mobile devices.

Hospitality Execs Reveal Their Key Growth Strategies

The travel industry is fueling growth by employing strategies like enhancing loyalty programs, increasing home rental options, and creating new tools to help travelers make sustainable travel choices.

Strategies Retailers Are Using to Drive Sales in a Slow-Growth Year

As spending declines from pandemic-fueled highs, the largest retailers are seeking creative solutions and new ways of connecting with consumers that SMBs can adopt, too.

How AI Is Changing How Marketers Sell Everything

While apps like ChatGPT and Dall-E get most of the AI attention, AI is quietly changing how we buy and sell goods and services.