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How to Fight Retail Theft This Holiday Season: 5 Expert Tips

This holiday season, thieves will be shopping along with your customers. Take these necessary steps to protect your profits.

How Hospitality Brands Are Courting Millennials

Hoteliers are catering to Gen Y with tech bells and whistles, customized experiences, Instagrammable settings, and more.

How WOC-Owned Startups Are Tapping the U.S. Women’s Market for Growth

Founders are leaning on purpose-led, conscious consumption in the competition to win wallet share of female consumers.

Execs from Big Brands on Wooing Inflation-Minded Holiday Shoppers

Retailers including Michael Kors and Kendra Scott are appealing to deal-seeking consumers with broad product assortments and special perks for the biggest buying season of the year.

Growing Brands Share 6 Customer Acquisition Strategies That Work

Startup executives across categories share insights and advice on driving sustainable growth even in an uncertain business landscape.

5 Things Retailers Are Worried About for the Holiday Season

How big brands are tackling their top challenges this year — inflation, competitive discounting, and staffing issues — to drive business during the annual shopping bonanza.

Hispanic App Entrepreneurs Fill Market Void for Culturally Authentic Content

Latino-geared entertainment to teletherapy apps churn sales and woo customers by delivering content and services to an underserved audience with trillions in spending power.

Pet Humanization Trend Creates Brand & Business Opportunities

Pets have become part of the family, fueling opportunities for gourmet pet food, pet insurance, boutique vet clinics, nutritional supplements, and pet tech.

BIPOC Business Leaders Share Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

Executives from major brands share their best advice and the moves they’ve found foundational to success.

Can’t Find Workers? It’s Time for a New Type of ‘Employer Branding’ To Woo Them

The power of a brand to drive sales is well known. Now, companies are learning that a new sort of brand can also drive employee recruitment and retention.