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Hospitality Execs Reveal Their Key Growth Strategies

The travel industry is fueling growth by employing strategies like enhancing loyalty programs, increasing home rental options, and creating new tools to help travelers make sustainable travel choices.

Strategies Retailers Are Using to Drive Sales in a Slow-Growth Year

As spending declines from pandemic-fueled highs, the largest retailers are seeking creative solutions and new ways of connecting with consumers that SMBs can adopt, too.

How AI Is Changing How Marketers Sell Everything

While apps like ChatGPT and Dall-E get most of the AI attention, AI is quietly changing how we buy and sell goods and services.

Startups & Legacy Brands Monetize the Pain Points of Remote Work

Groundfloor, Webex by Cisco, and Letsmeet, are offering solutions that facilitate out-of-office functions and strengthen relationships among coworkers, as the work-from-anywhere trend continues.

Forecasters on 5 Key Consumer Trends for the Year Ahead

Expert trend forecasters look at big picture shifts in consumer attitudes and brand innovation to understand how companies can prepare to drive business throughout the year.

Startups Turn to Venture Debt to Turbocharge Growth

As VC funding dries up, companies of all sizes look to raise more expansion capital via this alternative form of financing.

4 Trend-Driven Ways Brands Are Tapping Personalization for Growth

Innovative startups to established players — from Gobble meal kits to Amazon — are relying on customized experiences and a human touch to win over new consumers.

Inside How 3 Scaling Startups Cracked Walmart, Target, and Ulta

Executives from condiment brand Fila Manila, skincare disruptor BYOMA, and Bean Box coffee on adding color and newness to mass retailers’ shelves and identifying sustainable growth strategies, too.

Experts Tips for Driving Holiday Sales in a Cautious Consumer Environment

In-store experiences, digital tools, and strategic promotions can help drive brand awareness — and consumer spending.

Cost of Holiday Product Returns

Automation helps merchants make returns processes more efficient and sustainable and retain customers.

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