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Jeanette Mulvey

Jeanette Mulvey,

Jeanette has been writing about and for small businesses for her entire career. She is a business journalist who has covered industries ranging from small-town hardware stores to big city fashion designers. In addition to her work as a journalist and editor at sites like Business News Daily and, she has run multiple small businesses and understands the everyday challenges small business owners face. She is currently the author of Small Business Straight Talk, a newsletter for small businesses, and was named a LinkedIn Top Voice in Entrepreneurship and Small Business in 2020 and 2021.

Barbara Thau

Barbara Thau,
Senior Features Editor

Barbara is a longtime business reporter and editor specializing in the retail and consumer sectors, whose coverage includes fashion, food, beauty, technology and more. Her coverage at consumer publications like Forbes, CNBC and and trade outlets such as Home Furnishings News ranges from market trend analysis features to CEO profiles of the nation’s biggest public companies, as well as buzzy new disruptors. Thau aims for CO—'s features to demystify the business landscape for the business community, with exclusive stories that keep readers ahead of the trends, identify emerging opportunities and offer actionable insights for growth.

Ciara Larkin

Ciara Larkin,
Senior Managing Editor

Ciara has spent her career editing and writing about a variety of topics, from personal finance and business for TheStreet to tax and accounting for Thomson Reuters. Her combined experiences have led her to discover a passion for small businesses, startups and all that comes along with entrepreneurship. She aims to produce content for the CO— audience that encourages motivation, offers help and is grammatically correct.

Our Authors

Andrea Forstadt,

Andrea Forstadt is a Philly-area based marketing communications executive specializing in brand messaging and storytelling. In addition to her role…More

Dan Casarella

Dan Casarella,

Dan Casarella is a writer, podcast producer, and small business development specialist who formerly worked in late-night television. He’s produced…More

Danielle Fallon

Danielle Fallon,

Danielle Fallon is a writer and social media specialist who loves using her creativity to fuel her passion for communication. She also holds a…More

Dawn Allcot

Dawn Allcot,

Dawn Allcot is a full-time freelance writer and marketing specialist with extensive experience writing about finance, insurance, real estate,…More

Emily Heaslip

Emily Heaslip,

Emily is a versatile freelance copywriter who writes for brands and agencies in tech, finance, and fashion. She is currently based in Cape Town and…More

Jackie Chiquoine

Jackie Chiquoine,

Jackie Chiquoine is a writer and trend forecaster with a background in retail analysis and consumer insight. Special areas of focus include DTC,…More

Jamie Johnson

Jamie Johnson,

Jamie Johnson is a Kansas City-based freelance writer who specializes in writing about small business and finance. In additional to writing for CO,…More

Joan Verdon

Joan Verdon,

Joan Verdon has been covering business and retail news for the past 25 years. She has covered trends in tech, manufacturing, real estate and retail,…More

Katarina Betterton

Katarina Betterton,

Katarina Betterton is an SEO writer and digital marketing coordinator. She loves to read and write and is a regular columnist for two online…More

Kristin Colella

Kristin Colella,

A strong believer that knowledge equals power, Kristin has held several editorial positions in print and online media throughout her career. She…More

Lauren Wingo

Lauren Wingo,

Lauren Wingo is a freelance writer who describes herself as devoted, creative, and open-minded. She attributes her keen eye for detail to her…More

Lydia Dishman

Lydia Dishman,

Lydia Dishman is a business journalist who writes about the intersection of tech, leadership, commerce, and innovation. She is a regular contributor…More

Mark Hamstra

Mark Hamstra,

Mark Hamstra is a freelance business writer with experience covering a range of topics and industries, including food and mass retailing, the…More

Nicole Fallon

Nicole Fallon,

Nicole Fallon is a writer, editor, and marketer with over a decade of experience covering small business topics. Nicole holds a Media &…More

Nicole Gattone

Nicole Gattone,
Copy Editor

Nicole Gattone edits articles and books for print and web from her home in Bucks County, PA. She graduated with a BA in journalism from Temple…More

Rhyan Sharkey,
Copy Editor

Rhyan is a copy editor and copy writer for CO—. She uses her unique background in both marketing and education to write and edit content in a…More

Robert Roy Britt

Robert Roy Britt,

During his years as a media-company executive, Rob led the launch and growth of several industry-leading online publications covering business,…More

Sammi Caramela

Sammi Caramela,

Sammi Caramela is a content manager whose love for words has propelled her into a career in content marketing. When she isn’t working for her various…More

Sean Ludwig,

Sean Ludwig is a freelance business, technology, and food writer, and he has written thousands of stories for various publications over the years. He…More

Sean Peek

Sean Peek,
CO— Contributor

Sean Peek is the co-founder and COO of content marketing agency Lightning Media Partners. He began his digital marketing career as a writer and has…More