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A job description is the first impression a candidate receives from your company, so it should be thoughtful, accurate, and engaging. — Getty Images/EtiAmmos

While some things in the job recruiting industry have changed dramatically, one thing has remained constant: Successful recruitment still starts with an attention-grabbing, engaging job post.

“Job descriptions are as important as your company’s mission statement and can help your business stand out among its competition,” said Jim Virgulto, senior manager of people operations at Simply Business. “An effective job description should provide candidates with a clear business overview, the roles available, and insight into your company’s culture.”

If you build it, they will come

One of the most basic rules of thumb in creating a job post is not only making sure you effectively communicate your needs, but also that you explain to the potential candidate the advantages of working for you.

“Candidates are able to tell when something is thrown together quickly and without thought, which could cause some to make unfair perceptions about your company,” Virgulto said.

Especially for Millennials—who have proven to show interest in benefits packages that span past compensation and health insurance and into more new age perks like working remotely and pet sitting—you should not hold back in describing all the benefits that your company brings to the table.

Opportunities for advancement should also be heavily emphasized in your listing. Shemifhar Freytes, engagement and corporate culture strategist for Commercial Acoustics, said, “The number one thing that stands out to potential candidates is growth. Your job post should have the current description for the position, how it fits within the company, how the candidate will contribute to company success, and where the position is going.”

The number one thing that stands out to potential candidates is growth.

Shemifhar Freytes, engagement and corporate culture strategist for Commercial Acoustics

Writing your job listing

There are several pieces of information to include in each of your job postings to attract the best talent possible.

Virgulto’s criteria for a well-written job post includes:

  • An introductory description, describing the role and how it will help the company achieve its long-and short-term goals. Explain what the applicant should expect, such as key deliverables, details of the day-to-day tasks, and to whom the role reports.
  • A list of duties, in a bulleted, easy-to-read format displaying the responsibilities and expectations of the new hire.
  • A list of desired candidate qualities, which may include particular characteristics, desired attitude and skill set that you value in a candidate. Include both hard and soft skills to give the candidate a sense of how your business operates and where this role will fit in to the larger picture.
  • Any educational or professional requirements that you require from your candidates for the open position, including certifications or degrees.
  • An overview of benefits, which does not necessarily need to be comprehensive but enough to give the candidate a good idea of the type of package you are offering.
  • Application instructions, giving the candidate directions on how to apply for the role.
  • A blurb promoting diversity and inclusion, so that candidates of a variety of backgrounds can feel comfortable applying for the role.

Conveying your company’s culture

Briefly telling your company's unique story is a smart, too. While it’s essential to assess how well the prospect aligns with your organization’s values, behaviors, systems and mission during the interview, you can help save time and eliminate candidates that don’t conform to your culture much earlier in the process.

“It’s important to share a brief description of your company’s values and culture on your careers page. Also, when writing your job descriptions, be sure to weave in verbiage that explains your culture,” said Virgulto.

“Candidates want to know what makes a company tick,” said John Light, partner at EvolvingTalentGroup. “A bit of history wrapped around why it is a fantastic place to work or why people want to be a part of the story is what they are looking to understand and buy into.”

The truth is, in writing each of your job posts, you’re trying to market your company to potential candidates just like you would to potential customers or clients. By taking the time to write an engaging post, you are automatically increasing your chances of attracting top talent that share your goals, dedication and perseverance.

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