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8 Employee Expense Tools to Consider

Efficient expense tracking is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. Here are eight employee expense tools you can consider.

What Is Tax Form 941, And Who Needs To File It?

File this form quarterly to report federal withholdings from employees and avoid penalties and fees.

What Is A Flow-Through Entity?

Flow-through (or pass-through) entities enable business owners to avoid double taxation.

Should You Give Employees a Company Car?

Before providing your employees with a company vehicle, you need to consider the legal and tax implications.

What Are Estimated Tax Payments For Businesses?

Business owners, freelancers, and independent contractors can use estimated quarterly tax payments to stay organized and manage their finances before the April filing deadline.

How to Accept Text Message Payments

Small businesses that accept payments via text can offer more convenience for customers while improving accounts receivable collections.

How To Prepare For An IRS Audit Of Your Business

As the IRS ramps up its auditing of small businesses, here’s what to know in the event that your venture is selected for further review.

Best P2P Payment Platforms

Learn how to create P2P business accounts and find out which P2P platform is best for your business.

Understanding P2P Payment for Businesses

Businesses can take advantage of peer-to-peer (P2P) payment systems to accommodate quick and easy digital transactions.

What to Know About Taxes When You’re Running a Family Business

Taxes apply differently to spouses, children, and other relatives depending on your business entity, ages of family members, and wages.