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What Are the Insurance Requirements for Company Vehicles?

If you provide company vehicles for your employees, it’s important to carry commercial auto insurance.

How to Write an Investor Agreement

Are you in need of working capital? Taking on investors can solve cash flow issues and free up resources.

How to Give Employee Bonuses

Want to reward or incentivize staff? Learn how to use variable pay for one-time events or as part of a compensation package.

How Employers Can Compete With the Gig Economy

As more professionals are drawn to the perks of the gig economy, here’s how employers can remain competitive when recruiting and retaining talent.

Employee Stock Options: A Guide for Your Small Business

Want to use equity compensation to entice talented workers and keep existing staff? Here’s what you need to know.

How Much Should You Pay Yourself? How to Calculate Business Owner’s Salary

Every business owner needs to pay themselves, but how much should your salary be and when should you be paid? Use these calculations to determine your pay.

How to Measure Business Profitability

Track your business’s profitability and overall financial health with these six useful methods.

What Is an Employee-Owned Company?

The worker-ownership model benefits companies and staff. Here's how it works and improves small businesses.
By: CO Staff

Can You Give Employees Company Equity?

Equity compensation or benefits can help your small business attract and retain talent. Here's how it works.

Benefits of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce

Learn how your local chamber can create business contacts, increase credibility, expand your network, provide resources, and support professional development.