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Some AI-powered tools are crafted for businesses of any size and industry to manage their finances while also integrating marketing and customer outreach features. — Getty Images/MoMo Productions

As industries increasingly embrace AI, integrating these smart technologies into financial planning tools is optimizing financial management while also encouraging strategic growth and innovation. From streamlining daily tasks to providing long-term strategies driven by market research, these AI-powered tools are making financial planning a breeze for small businesses.

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FP Alpha

FP Alpha is an AI-driven platform designed to help financial advisors improve and scale their planning services by automating client document analysis. Within minutes of uploading financial records, the tool generates a detailed breakdown that includes tailored recommendations and key insights while also highlighting any growth opportunities or challenges. With this information, financial planners can deliver well-informed, personalized, and practical advice to their clients. The solution serves as a complement to existing financial planning technology, offering advanced planning capabilities across 16 disciplines.

Conquest Planning

Conquest Planning leverages advanced technology to provide advanced financial planning solutions to advisors. The platform is powered by SAM, a sophisticated digital assistant that offers personalized financial advice by analyzing clients’ history, data, and business objectives. Using this information and intricate calculations, SAM delivers detailed financial strategies for clients, complete with projections for cash flow and income tax implications, and prioritizes potential strategies for consideration. The software integrates seamlessly with current systems for consistent data management and automates regulatory adherence, ensuring businesses maintain compliance.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein by Salesforce is an easy-to-use solution that improves the efficiency of the sales cycle. Businesses can leverage this solution to ease the decision-making process and increase deal closings, as it transforms customer data into actionable insights, prioritizes leads and opportunities, and employs analytics and insights for accurate forecasting. Designed with sales teams in mind, the technology boasts built-in features, including Einstein Lead and Opportunity Scoring, which identifies high-potential prospects; Einstein Automated contacts for efficient contact management; and engagement tracking technology through Einstein Opportunity Insights.

PulseFolio’s AI Powered Portfolio Optimiser is a scalable tool designed for investors at any experience level to optimize investment portfolios.

Adobe Marketo Exchange

Adobe Marketo Exchange is a B2B marketing automation solution designed to enhance collaboration between sales and marketing teams and increase conversions. The platform uses AI to fine-tune marketing efforts and lead management, from predictive audience segmentation to attracting and nurturing leads to personalizing content across multiple channels, and it tracks every customer interaction to help businesses engage more effectively. Plus, it features AI-powered tools like Adobe Sensei GenAI, which prepares sales agents with conversation summaries via chatbots for more personalized and efficient engagements.

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Hubspot AI Sales Hub

Hubspot’s AI-powered Sales Hub software empowers businesses to reconnect with their customers and improve their sales pipeline while boosting internal productivity and facilitating business growth. Among the software’s many features are tools for sales engagement, such as email and call-tracking capabilities and lead and prospect management software, along with deal management, analytics, and payment tools, all of which focus on quality interactions over quantity. The platform’s scalable solutions accommodate businesses of all sizes and integrate seamlessly with Hubspot’s CRM and other software solutions.


With Acquisio’s AI-powered sales tools, businesses can more effectively sell search engine marketing campaigns to clients by providing custom solutions and recommendations based on data-driven insights. Using these tools, businesses can access valuable data such as pay-per-click campaign outcome predictions and an ROI Calculator that uses machine learning to estimate campaign returns. Additionally, they can streamline their lead-generating process with tools like the Lead Sizing Tool, which assists sales teams in prequalifying potential clients. These tools can help build client trust and ensure accurate sales expectations are set from the start.

PulseFolio AI Powered Portfolio Optimiser

PulseFolio’s AI Powered Portfolio Optimiser is a scalable tool designed for investors at any experience level to optimize investment portfolios. The system seamlessly integrates with a range of data sources and decentralized exchanges for real-time portfolio tracking and analysis. It also offers businesses access to AI-driven investment strategies, which they can customize based on historical data and tailor to meet specific objectives and risk preferences. Plus, the tool offers multiple risk management tools, including stop-loss and limit orders, to protect investments.

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Intuit Assist

Intuit Assist is a generative AI-powered financial assistant designed to improve financial management for small businesses and individuals. The tool, which will be released on all Intuit platforms soon, works by simplifying financial tasks and providing personalized insights for smarter and more confident decision-making. It guides businesses and consumers through their daily financial management, automating tasks like report generation and invoice reminders and guiding goal-setting based on the historical data of comparable businesses. Integrated across Intuit’s ecosystem, the tool also offers financial advice in QuickBooks and AI-powered marketing capabilities in MailChimp for improved customer engagement.

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