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Discover and Deliver: Protecting American Innovation

We have witnessed American medical innovation and leadership in action during the global pandemic. 

Around the nation, businesses and universities have partnered to develop lifesaving COVID-19 vaccines, using new technological breakthroughs that may deliver the cures of tomorrow. 

But right now, Congress is considering drug price controls that could give away decades of American innovation to other nations and slow the discovery of new lifesaving new medicines.

Innovation Spotlight: mRNA Research Happening Now

You may be surprised to learn the search for safe and effective treatments and cures for a range of medical conditions is very much a local story. From small towns to big cities, cutting-edge clinical research happens in communities across America.

One of the most promising tools in our disease fighting arsenal is messenger RNA, or mRNA. While you may be familiar with mRNA for its use in COVID-19 vaccines, researchers have been studying how to unleash the power of mRNA for decades to treat a variety of diseases including autoimmune diseases, respiratory viruses, and cancer.

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