Cassia Carvalho

Cassia Carvalho, Executive Director, Brazil-U.S. Business Council
Executive Director, Brazil-U.S. Business Council

Cassia M. Carvalho is the executive director of the Brazil-U.S. Business Council. She is an international development expert with over 20 years of experience in public policy, international relations and private-sector development in the emerging and developing economies of Latin America, Africa and Asia. She serves as an adviser for the governments of Brazil, the United States, and others, as well as for multi-national corporations, multilateral agencies, international financial institutions and industry associations.

Prior to joining the Council, Ms. Carvalho worked as global leader for corporate affairs at the headquarters of Vale SA in Rio de Janeiro, and before that served in various roles at the Millennium Challenge Corporation where she managed a portfolio of public-private partnerships across emerging countries.

Ms. Carvalho has been a consulting adviser for multi-national companies on topics such as market entry, commercial diplomacy, and sustainability strategies, among others. She was a visiting professor at Andrews University and has lectured at La Sierra University and the U.N. Staff College. She holds a master’s degree in international development and economics from the American University in Washington, DC. Ms. Carvalho also speaks several languages – English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish – and has lived extensively in Brazil, Mozambique, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

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At the upcoming Leaders Summit on Climate, to be hosted by President Biden on April 22 & 23, Latin America will have a robust presence with eight regional heads of state in attendance. The Biden Administration brought a climate of change to Washington, and with it a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges facing the region. We believe that Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) are essential and that emerging markets should strive to meet their targets and set even more ambitious goals.

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The Brazil-U.S. Business Council (BUSBC) and International Policy Coalition for Sustainable Growth have an ongoing dialogue with the Brazilian government on ways to improve its regulatory framework to meet international standards on sustainability and environmental performance. The U.S. and Brazilian business communities have long placed sustainability at the center of the bilateral policy agendas.