U.S-Turkey Business Council Working Groups

Turkey Skyline featuring skyscraper buildings


The U.S.-Turkey Business Council (USTBC) has created working groups to develop advocacy positions for specific sectors and to create platforms for further dialogue with pertinent Turkish industries and government representatives.

Currently, working groups convene council members around four sectors to amplify their voice for a stronger U.S.-Turkey business partnership.

USTBC sector focuses include:

  • ICT and Innovation
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Energy
Digital Economy

The Council’s Digital Economy working group brings together leading U.S. firms operating in Turkey to collectively identify issues, provide policy recommendations and create opportunities for advocacy and engagement with government representatives. The working group provides a platform for member companies to engage the public sector on a regular basis to develop solutions for meeting Turkey’s 2023 development goals.

The council member companies are committed to realizing Turkey’s potential in the Digital economy sector and will continue to pursue activities towards implementing best practices and exploring investment opportunities for expanding the U.S.-Turkey bilateral trade.

Some of these activities of the Digital Economy working group include:

  • Hosting business missions
  • Coordinating site visits for Turkish officials to innovation incubation centers in the United States
  • Organizing regular roundtable discussions to better address member needs
  • Holding regular meetings with government representatives to deepen the public-private partnership.

The Healthcare working group under the U.S.-Turkey Business Council serves as a communication platform for member companies engaged in Turkey’s vibrant healthcare sector. The working group provides opportunities for companies to present up-to-date research and recommendations to government representatives for mutually beneficial solutions to help fulfill Turkey’s 2023 goals.

The Healthcare working group convenes regularly to help establish opportunities for public-private sector dialogue; to inform Turkish counterparts of the latest research in medical sciences, and to host representatives from Turkey on business missions and at international conventions, including the BIO International Convention, to increase mutual access to information and create alternative channels for advocacy.

Council member companies are committed to supporting Turkey’s vision of becoming a hub for healthcare services and will continue to pursue activities that bring international best practices to Turkey for a stronger U.S.-Turkey business partnership.

Tourism & Hospitality

Turkey is one of the top tourism destinations in the world and hosts a burgeoning hospitality sector that offers ample opportunities for U.S. businesses. The U.S.-Turkey Business Council Tourism & Hospitality working group facilitates and strengthens investment in the sector.


Turkey’s importance in the global energy markets has increased both as a result of its aspirations to become an energy hub and its growing need for energy to support its burgeoning economy. The U.S.-Turkey Business Council is well-positioned to assist its members with market access issues in conventional and renewable energy sectors and to create policy recommendations for best practices.