Air Date

February 17, 2021

Featured Guests

Cesar Caicedo
Chief Executive Officer, Colombina

Bruce Mac Master
President, National Business Association of Colombia, CEO, ANDI

Jen Walton
Vice President, U.S. Government Relations, Pfizer


David Levy
Chair of the Procurement and Space Industry Council, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Christian Zur
Former Executive Director, Procurement and Space Industry Council


The Artemis 3 mission, planned for 2024, will be the first crewed lunar landing since 1972. As one would expect, this new mission has both government and private sectors working together to make it a success.

During this recent "The Path to Artemis III: Future of Human Deep Space Exploration" program, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in conjunction with the Huntsville-Madison County Chamber of Commerce spoke about space policy and how people are coming together to make this mission work. This includes understanding the role of Marshall Space Flight Center and greater Huntsville’s industrial capabilities in developing technology and hardware for sustained U.S. lunar operations.


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